How to Handle a Loved One with ADD

How to Handle a Loved One with ADD

How to Handle a Loved One with ADD

It is difficult to love a person with ADD and you have to be very careful about everything with that person. It is a fact that it is hard to love a person who is suffering from ADD. You have to think a lot before you speak or do anything for that person because even a wrong word can set off the explosion of emotions.

Everything remains so intense and magnified so you have to take each step carefully. Life is very difficult for the person suffering from ADD. Their brilliant minds go on and on that never stop spinning. It has a constant spin of creativity, thinking, designing and imagination which never rest.

People with ADD have all the extremes of emotions to behavior which can create problems in a relationship. Concentration is a big issue for them when they are extremely emotional or when distracted. Although, love is unconditional but ADD test your limit of love and patience. ADD tests every relation whether it is your spouse, child, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone. The best way is to learn how to deal with emotional roller-coaster of ADD people to bring peace to your everyday life.

It will be more helpful when you start understanding a person with ADD to become more tolerant, loving, compassionate and patient. You will then enjoy your relationship more and it will be more peaceful. Below are few points that go on in the mind of a person with ADD:

People Suffering from ADD have an Over-active Mind

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ADD minds never stop. They do not have a brake to bring a halt. There is no on/off switch in their mind. One must learn to manage it as it is a burden.

They Listen but Don’t Always Absorb What is Said

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A person with ADD hears just up to 5 words then their mind is on a journey. But they pretend that they are hearing you and they watch your lips moving but don’t absorb in their mind.

Difficulty in Concentration

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People with ADD lose focus and are not able to concentrate on the task. They like colors of the wall painting.

They become Anxious

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ADD people are very anxious and deep thinkers and are very sensitive to the things going around.

Difficult to Take them Out of the Task

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If they are enjoying some task then they won’t leave it in the middle at any cost. They can do it continuously for hours.

Regulation of Emotions is Tough for Them

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An ADD person is wild with their emotions. They are not proportionate and they find it tough in regulating their emotions.

Thinking is Out of the Box

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It is a wonderful aspect that people who are suffering from ADD can think out of the box. They think differently and their abstract mind finds the solutions to the concrete problems.

ADD people are very sensitive and their emotions are disproportionate. Their things are not organized and they are generally lazy and irresponsible. They think deeply and can do wonders sometimes. People with ADD are undoubtedly difficult to handle and is tough to love them but once you understand their burden and direction of their mind, then your heart will open up and will understand them better personally and love them unconditionally. 

Supporting them with compassion and love and patience can make you feel their pain because they have to work very hard to achieve even a simple task.