7 Interview Questions to Ask while Hiring a Manager

7 Interview Questions to Ask while Hiring a Manager

7 Interview Questions to Ask while Hiring a Manager

Managers, who are efficient with excellent leadership qualities, are what is needed today in the corporate world. On the company’s end, it has to ensure that the candidate (you) are the ideal and best choice for the particular managerial position in the organization. This is in terms of the rate of return that a person of your skill in the manager’s position will be able to generate upon the company’s potential investment.

Here are 7 important questions to ask while hiring a manager:

1. Do You Know Exactly Who They Are?

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This refers to knowing the potential managerial candidate not only as an employee but also for some other personal traits as well. Verifying all past credentials and background checks, including references from past employers is a must for understanding the working ability as well as the ethics of the person.

2. Are They Active Listeners?

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Management is all about understanding, analyzing and solving problems with the most efficient, effective and convenient manner possible. Understanding a problem mostly requires a good ability to absorb information, which is reflected highly in the person’s ability to pay attention to what other (employees, colleagues, bosses, etc) have to say on the matter. Active listeners have been found to make better managers comparatively.

3 Are They More Into Guiding Employees or More into the Display of Their Skills?

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Another important aspect to look for in a potential managerial candidate is the guiding habit. This includes their preference of assisting or leading the employees rather than sharing the center-stage with the success of the project or strategy.

4. How much Value will They Bring to You and Your Company?

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Value, in terms of leadership qualities is more important when it comes to efficient management techniques rather than excessive educational qualifications. It is mostly advisable to choose a sufficiently experienced candidate over a less experienced but excessively qualified candidate for a manager.

5. Do They Give Credit Where it is Deserved? (Are they Appreciative or Depreciative in Leadership Style?)

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This is one of the more important leadership aspects in a manager. A realistic and efficient leader knows that appreciation and recognition of achievement is the best motivator. Even at times of failures, handling the response to the error by employees in the right manner ensures not only retaining employee motivation but also improves their future performance significantly.

6. Do They Exceed Their Roles too Much?

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An ideal manager is supposed to be a leader, a guide and even an assistant at times, but never the executor of any project or task. This is why the employees (or team) is assigned the task and the manager is required to ‘manage’ them. A good manager should tend to avoid involving too much even in the thinking/ concept stage as initiators, rather the team (or employees) should do their own brain-storming and build up from scratch.

7. Do They Offer Something New?

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This refers to their additional leadership skills and professional qualities. The potential manager should be able to bring new and effective ideas to your organization and help to change the paradigm (if needed) for the better.

These are some of the most important aspects that you should ideally try and find out in the potential managerial candidates. The person with the above qualities will raise the potential of growth and success for your company with effective leadership and managerial abilities.