5 Ways for Developing Interpersonal Skills for Introverts

5 Ways for Developing Interpersonal Skills for Introverts

5 Ways for Developing Interpersonal Skills for Introverts

Let's begin with a definition of the terms shall we? Interpersonal skills refer to the skills a person uses to mingle, meet and interact with other people in order to succeed at a certain objective. While Introverts, well if you're reading this then odds are you are an introvert; an introvert is a person who enjoys having smaller groups of friends and enjoys to quiety contemplate rather than loud parties.

At first glance, interpersonal skills and introverts really don't mix. Yeah that's right, but here are 5 ways for developing interpersonal skills for introverts.

1. Watch

watch others

For some introverts, knowing is half the battle. So be it, in developing interpersonal skills, it may be a good idea to observe people and how they behave in regard to interpersonal skills. Discern the positive attributes and immitate them, and discern the bad behavior and note that you should avoid that at all costs. Knowing how to start is usually a good way to begin the process of development.

2. Do Your Research

do research

Introverts often have a hard time approaching people for advice and help. Well, a book or the power of the internet could help you with the things to do when around other people and how to interact with them properly. You could also maybe find an expert to help you.

3. Overcome The Fear

overcome the fear

As an introvert, you are probably uncomfortable around others, you are scared of interacting for one reason or another. To develop interpersonal skills, you must at least be willing to try to develop those skills in the first place. Steel your resolve and try to remind yourself that others are not losing out if you do not talk to them, you are losing out because you do not talk to them.

You miss out on the opportunities to meet new people, to maybe work together on a future project. Keep calm and try.

4. Practice with a Friend

practice with friend

Your friends are there for you, so why not ask them to help you out? Use what you've learned and pretend that you and your friend are absolute strangers at a seminar or something. This will simulate the things that may likely happen without the risk of getting into any trouble from accidentally doing something wrong.

If for some reason you don't have any friends, then doing this in front of a mirror is the closest thing.

5. Practice with Real People

practice with real people

Practice makes perfect; it may sound cliche but there's a reason the expression is used as much as it is. To improve your interpersonal skills, especially if you're an introvert, you must practice and get used to the feel of interacting with others. Practice what you have learned from watching, from the books you read, from the ideas you've formulated. It is time to practice it until you get it right.

It doesen't matter how many times the conversation goes wrong, just mark it as an experience and move on. Practice until you get it right, practice until you see fit.

Getting over the tendencies to avoid people can be rather difficult. Meeting new people, being exposed to new situations in an ever changing world, all of this can be quite frightening. But through planning, courage and determination, you can improve your interpersonal skills and learn to enjoy other people's company.