Conversations Tips for Newbies: How to Make People Like You

Conversations Tips for Newbies: How to Make People Like You

Conversations Tips for Newbies: How to Make People Like You

For anyone who joins new work place, the first few days are always challenging. You don’t know the company work culture and your team so you are always puzzled about how to behave, how your actions or words will be accepted. Your colleagues also start getting to know you. If you are able to make good impression on your co-workers’ minds, it helps you in long term. With effective communication you can let people know about your capabilities and talents. This process of getting familiar with each other takes time but if you follow some tips you can win your team’s confidence and trust and make them like you.

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Be bit Reserved at First 

reservedBenefits of Being a Good Listener

On the very first day of your job, its good not to be overly chatty. You can always keep a smile on face and show your new team that you are eager to know and work with them. Listen carefully to instructions and what your manager or colleagues talk about the work and other related things. Everyone loves good listeners. Respond accurately whenever required.

Greet everyone at office

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People appreciate when you take an initiative to know them. A simple smile, hello or good morning at the start of a day make a difference. By wishing others you are showing them that you are taking their note, you are friendly and warm person. Smile breaks the barrier and opens gates to more conversation. Be polite and courteous when you talk to people in your office.

Respect everyone at office

respect all

In spite of hierarchy it’s a good practice show respect to every human being at office. In the initial days when you hardly know the people, you can start the conversation asking them about their work and duties. By this you will know your team mates responsibilities and how their job can affect your job. Slowly you can also ask them about their previous experiences, learning, educational background.  By asking your seniors and subordinates about their work and achievements, you are telling them that you too want to achieve same things in future and you are open to learning and developments.

Don’t get involved in gossips

avoid politics

Demonstrate Positive Attitude at Work

Never ever indulge in gossips about your company bosses, culture or colleagues with others. If you do so you will be perceived as a spoil brat who is responsible for destroying good work environment. Involving in such bad practices also shows that you are not sincere person. Instead of work and company progress you are more interested in unnecessary things. It spoils your image very fast.

Have a sense of humor


A good cheer in the high pressure deadline based work culture is very relaxing. Have a good sense of humor to bring smiles in your team. Remember not to crack jokes on other’s weak areas, it’s always good to laugh on your own things.  A person who brings laughter and happiness in the group is always remembered by others.

Take interest in your teammates' lives

take interest

The occasional talks about how your peers are doing in their personal lives are not wrong. Don’t get too involve in their personal stuffs like offering advices or suggestion on how to fix things. Just asking how their families members are doing and conveying your regards to them create positive vibes about you. You can also talk about your passions, interests and hobbies. This strengthens your bond with your colleagues. Offering timely help and support when your colleague face difficulties doing a task is also highly appreciated in organizational set ups.