Kinds of Modeling Opportunities

Many people assume there is only one kind of modeling or that only one kind of kid can be a model. But this is untrue. There are models of all sizes, ethnicities, shapes, and personalities. And all of these various models have different types of opportunities available to them. Especially now, in the 21st century where all looks are in!

1. Character Modeling

character modeling

Character modeling, like character acting, is about portraying typical or unusual people for print or television. If you can also act, character modeling may be an opportunity for you.

2. Commercial Print Modeling

commercial print modeling

This type of modeling is for those who do any kind of print work, such as modeling for catalogs, brochures, billboards, etc.

3. Editorial Modeling

editorial modeling

This type of modeling is for those who have an almost flawless look. If almost every picture you take is perfect and the camera loves you, this might be the type of modeling opportunity for you. It’s usually for teens 13-17 years old, who look age 18+.

4. Fashion Modeling

fashion modeling

If you love fashion, then this might be the type of modeling you choose. Your main job here is to get people to buy the clothes you model.

5. Fitness Modeling

fitness modeling

To be a fitness model, you must be in good shape! Fitness models can be any height, but they must enjoy working out. If this sounds like you, then this might be an opportunity to pursue. This is usually for teens and those who are age 18+.

6. High Fashion Modeling

high fashion modeling

This type of modeling requires quite a lot of confidence. That is because you will regularly be in front of large audiences that often include celebrities and influential people. You will be modeling designer clothes.  As a kid model, all you have to do is bring your cuteness.These are just a few of the modeling opportunities available to you as a kid model. There are several other kinds, including parts modeling where you model body parts such as hands or feet, and commercial modeling, where you may be in the background of a TV commercial.

Remember, modeling is acting and acting is modeling; be prepared for both.If you thought there was only one kind of modeling, then this information shows that there are many options. So if you have a strong desire to be a model and are willing to work, it’s quite possible that you can find a type of modeling opportunity that fits you.

Pamela Young is the founder of the Young Agency, one of the Southwest’s largest model and talent agencies. Her new book,How to Become a Kid Model, is an essential primer for aspiring kid models and their parents.  The 20-plus year veteran of the industry wrote the book after seeing kid models and their parents who aspire to succeed in the modeling industry. She seeks to help children gain the self-esteem, confidence, and skills for successful living.

The Inner Work of Being a Model By Pamela Young

the inner work of being a model

  • I have been helping models launch and build successful careers for more than 20 years. And in that time, I have found that there is a lot more to modeling than simply looking good on camera. Much of being a model comes down to character.
  • In fact, character is so important that it’s possible to be a really cute looking kid, but to find that no agent will work with you if you continually show an ugly personality. There are too many kids who want to be models for most professionals in this industry to choose to work with models who are disrespectful, have a poor attitude, or are unpleasant to work with.
  • So if you want to be a kid model, here are some of the requirements, besides looking good.You need to have a good attitude. Having a good attitude means being nice to those you are working with, saying please and thank you, and showing that you appreciate the opportunity you have. Never act as if someone owes you anything. A good attitude goes a long way in this business.
  • Besides a good attitude, you need to be able to follow directions. Following directions can be difficult for a lot of kids — and even adults — but when you are a kid model, following directions is a requirement. That is because many times following the directions exactly is necessary because any change could ruin the shoot, cost more money, or even result in having to cancel the job.
  • Another thing you have to work on when you are a kid model is learning how to accept a “no.” You won’t be hired for every job. Often there are many models going for each job, and only one can be picked. While it may hurt to get passed over, it’s important to realize it’s not anything personal. Getting passed over doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It just means the director or other person in charge has a certain idea or plan for the shoot, and you may not fit that particular plan. When you hear a no, don’t have a tantrum or behave poorly. Be nice and thank your agent or other industry professional for the opportunity to try out. Often, if you handle the “no” well, those in the industry, such as your agent, will notice and will look for other opportunities for you.
  • One other thing you must work on as a model is confidence. You must always show that you believe in yourself. Sometimes it can be scary to go to a new shoot or to audition, but do your best. And show those there that you are happy to be there and believe in yourself.
  • Being a kid model takes a lot of inner strength. You can develop a good attitude, the ability to follow directions, ability to accept a “no,” and confidence, if you work on it. When you build yourself up in this way, this will help you succeed as a kid model.

ByMonica Carter Tagore

Monica Carter Tagore is an author, life strategist, and business consultant. She helps clients take massive action, for major results.

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