15 First Date Ideas for a Time Strapped Professional

15 First Date Ideas for a Time Strapped Professional

15 First Date Ideas for a Time Strapped Professional

In the times like this, when it is really difficult to find someone for a date due to your job and your work hours, the technologies have helped a lot. Tinder, Skype, Facebook, Instagram and so many other social networking websites and apps are our wingmen/wing women. It is just not about finding someone, but also a problem in fixing up a date when all your memos are filled with appointments, home running tasks and friends and family.

But, you shouldn’t worry because we are bringing to you the most amazing ideas when you can make the date possible even if you both are time strapped professionals

1. Go to the Theatre for a Movie

movie 1

Well, it stands as the most cliché date idea, but no matter how old it gets, it certainly doesn’t lose the charm. Pick out your favorite movie or an act and go to a place that you really love.

2. Relax with Yoga Classes

movie 3

What else can be better than meeting someone when the nature is in its calmest state and you are in the best mood? So, let’s mingle the sexy date with the relaxing yoga.

3. The Incredible Elegance of Museum


It is just a tour of an hour and you get to know a person more than you get to know him in a month. And what else can be better evidence than those classic pieces of art that have been there since ages.

4. Click the Beer Glasses Together!


Well you get free only in the night hours. So, go to chill in a bar and invite your date. This date won’t take much of your time and well, you will know that person a bit more on that emotional level. (Thanks to the alcohol Effect ;) )

5. A Long Drive on the Roads of Silence and Intimacy

car drive

This is again a very classy date tip. You just don’t enjoy the silence of the road but this drive also brings out the wanderlust in both of you and well, who knows you will drive to your dream city.

6. The Modern Skype Date

skype date

 Get your cute pajamas and that cute top, and well you are set for the date. What can be easier than that?

7. The Cafeteria or the Canteen!


If you are really that busy that you can’t catch a break from your work, you can fix up your date in your lunch time on the coffee shop at the corner.

8. Catch the Lovely Tom & Jerry Show


Well, this is the most entertaining idea of date. It is fun and moreover brings out that childish part in both of you and well, when you bring out that side in your partner, you are halfway on the road of knowing someone.

9. Make him Fall, Head over Heels, Literally!


And all you got to do is get your roller blades out of the closet.

10. Take your PlayStation on a Fun Ride


One of the coolest dates that a guy can have is to be taken for video gaming. And an inner secret says he will be ready to do anything you say.

11. Go for an Awesome Shopping!


Take your date for a shopping and you will just not know what they like and dislike but also give you an idea of their sense of style and money expenditure pattern.

12. Well Who doesn’t love food!


You guys can meet up and cook food at one’s home or if that’s awkward you can always go to a local cooking class. And while your hands are still in flour, you may get to know a perfectly nice person, with your wingman “Mr. Food”.

13. Go for a concert!


If your date has a good music sense, what better can you ask God to endow you with?

14. Make the List for a Scavenger Hunt


This shall not only help you to mark things off your list but it you can also show your date how to have so much fun in so less time!

15. Tap your Feet and Move your Hips


Take those classes and move your hips to the music you like. Pick up a dance you know or a totally different one to both of you.

So, maybe you have busy and hectic life with the only comfort of technologically advanced era, but you can still go on that date of yours by wearing that cute top along with that skirt you have been longing to wear. Maybe the times have changed and so are the styles, but nothing shall prevent you from the candle night dinners, heart shaped chocolates or the magic of the first date.