Words of Encouragement for Death

Death causes pain that people handle in different ways. Recovering from the loss of a loved one is a very trying time. Many are times that people lack the right words to tell people grieving.

However, Words of Encouragement play a huge role in helping a mourning person recover. They can forget about their sorrows for a moment and find comfort in your encouraging words.

  • 1. You can continue the work of your loved one to continue their legacy
  • 2. Look at it on the positive side; he was suffering a lot in his sickness. He is free from the pain now
  • 3. Let us continue doing good and we will meet with our loved ones.
  • 4. God will give you sufficient grace to pass through this one.
  • 5. Tough times don’t last but tough people sure do
  • 6. This is just a moment, it will come to pass
  • 7. When you think you have reached the end of the rope, tie it and hang on it.
  • 8. You are a fighter; you will survive this one
  • 9. Somehow, it always gets better. Keep hope alive

You might not take away all the pain that death brings. You might lack the right words to say. There are no right words to tell a grieving person. The key is to encourage them get in a positive mood of keeping focus in life.

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