7 Ways of Imparting Self-Discipline to Your Kid

7 Ways of Imparting Self-Discipline to Your Kid

7 Ways of Imparting Self-Discipline to Your Kid

“By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character”- Grenville Kleiser

Self-discipline is a trait that can help you out of most situations. It is a personality feature that can help you inculcate habits. It goes a long way into developing your character and set standards for behaviour as well as success.

When imbibed at the very beginning, kids can attain great success and turn out to be beautiful humans. A few ways of imparting self-discipline to your kid are

1. Lead by Example

lead by example

Tell them what needs to be done not by force but by example. Parents and guardians have a great influence on their kids. So whatever you happen to say, there’s a psychological effect through which they’re learning from your actions and not just words. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

2. Treat Them Adults

trat them as adults

To expect them to be self-behaved, you must treat them as adults. Childhood need not be lost, but for self-discipline, talking to them as adults is important. This gives a them responsibility to behave like responsible adults and the self-discipline starts building. Of course, don’t forget to remind them the importance of being a child forever.

3. Ask, Don’t Tell

ask dont tell

There’s no point of ordering your children anymore. Being polite and explaining the reasons for the request will help them understand it much better. Ordering can make them rebellious in nature, and that can harm their future in terrible ways.

4. Answer Them with Patience

ask dont tell

Answering the questions of your kids with patience is important. It works in two ways. Firstly, they’ll automatically learn patience. Secondly, they will respect you and follow your advice and request properly. They’ll take to you as a guide instead of just a parent or a guardian, and that will be the moment of strengthening the relationship between the two of you.

5. Encourage Problem-Solving

encourage problem solving

In the forms of puzzles and games, it is easy to inculcate the habit of problem-solving. This is one of the most important habits one can develop and will help the kid for lifetime. Puzzles, games, roleplay, all can help the kid develop the habit of problem-solving. The best part is they’ll enjoy these games and hence, participate more actively instead of listening to someone speak.

6. Practice Empathy

encourage empathy

Practicing empathy in front of the kids and making them read and watch the right stuff is important in preserving empathy and actions for the same in kids. If you yourself don’t practice empathy, it will be very difficult for the kids to follow even if you make them read and watch quality content.

7. Read them Autobiographies, Watch Biopics with Them

read them biographies

One of the best ways to develop good habits like self-discipline is by following the great men. Stories of those men in the form of biographies and autobiographies, or in forms of documentaries and biopics help them learn these traits automatically.

Self-discipline is one of the habits that goes a long way into making a person successful and grounded. Without it, even a successful person can lose their mind, and with it, even a struggling person can achieve a lot more than others. It is best to start early with kids, and they’ll remember the lessons for a lifetime.