The Importance of A Handshake

The Importance of A Handshake

The Importance of A Handshake

What do we do when we meet a person for the first time or for that matter when we meet a person? We shake hands, we greet each other and exchange pleasantries. So what is the importance of this form of greeting where we extend our hand to someone and exchange our emotions on meeting the person?

Well to tell the truth the handshake is not as simple an action as it is viewed to be. The handshake matters and it actually forms first impressions. In fact in many interviews the person is assessed even before he is spoken to by the manner in which he shakes hands. Research has valid proof that a handshake is a reflection of personal characterestics .

Why is a Handshake Important?

why is a handshake important

This brings us to the next question as to why the handshake is so important. Well we do make judgements about people on the way they appear and the way they talk. But imagine if we had to assess someone just by one meeting .

This is where the handshake comes to play. It is different to engage someone in conversation and a totally different thing to assess someone just by a greeting. Thus the quality of a handshake is what determines the interaction and how it would be. The real difference thus lies in the way we shake hands with others.

The Dynamics of Handshake

the dynamics of handshake

The dynamics of handshake is vast however there is one aspect that stands out and that is that what is natural can be the important quotient to determine all about a simple handshake. So there are eight ways one could shake hands apparently. This is basically based on the temperature, the completeness of the grip, the strength, the duration , the eye contact, the vigour and the texture of the handshake. In usual condistion one may not really focus on the handshake but it does have its intricacies and value.

A firm handshake gives a good impression and a weak handshake gives a poor impression. These are the two diverse structures of a handshake.

A Firm and a Weak Handshake

a firm and a weak handshake

So where does the firm and the weak come from? Well if a person is not confident from within then anything that he does purely determines his actions too. So it is generally assumed that a person with a firm handshake is very confident and that with a weak one is emotionally and psychologically weak. So if one does have to make an impression on someone it is always advisable to stick to a firm and short handshake.

Scientific Connections to a Handshake

scientific connections to a handshake

There are scientific connections too for a handshake. Apparently the human body is a magnet and has an aura around it. It is believed that when two people shake hands the energies flow within each other and the bodies get attracted to each other thus setting a comfortable ambience for interaction.

This is an ancient belief too that physical touch and contact is essential to further interactions between two people. When we put two and two toghether we would see that the handshake actually presses on the very acupressure points of the body which give the “feel good” factor to a human being.

Strangely enough the handshake is an accepted act in business and formal set ups and down in India and other Asian countries the folded hands denote a Namaste or a form of greeting when people meet. Strange are the ways of the world and stranger are those that cross the realms of science and everyday life.