7 Ways to Make an Introvert Feel Loved

7 Ways to Make an Introvert Feel Loved

7 Ways to Make an Introvert Feel Loved

Of course, we all know what an introvert is. They are the kind of people who enjoy their own thoughts and company rather than being part of a large group or crowd. Despite that, they are still human beings, and by nature, humans are social creatures.

We need love, we need attention, we need to feel that we matter in order to move on with life. If you know someone who is introverted, they may need some love. Here're 7 ways to make them feel it.

1. Smile

smile with them

You'll never know just how important a smile can be to someone. A sign on a flowerpot once read "A pleasant encounter meets a pleasant response". Smiling can bring a sense of security and comfort to the person you are interacting with, and it is very important when interacting with a person who rarely interacts with other people.

2. Start The Conversation

start the conversation

A lot of introverted people have a hard time beginning a conversation, that's why it is a good idea to begin with them. But you must keep in mind that you shouldn't be too aggressive in starting the conversation as it may make them feel uncomfortable. Try to casually start for them so that you can begin talking and you can make them feel loved through this.

3. Listen To Them When They Talk

listen to them

Introverts rarely say anything to anyone, so when one does open up as you begin a conversation, make them feel that they are the center of attention. Listen to them carefully as they try their best to say what is in their mind. Remember to listen attentively, try not to butt in, or to make any sort of rude comment or gesture.

4. Complement Them Sincerely

complement them sincerely

An introvert often is not the center of attention, he/she is often at the back watching someone else take the glory. To make them feel loved and appreciated, you must sincerely complement them for something that he/she did correctly. Empower them, make them feel like they are special, that there is nothing to worry about. This will make them understand that there is someone who cares. It's very important for making an introvert feel loved.

5. Use Non-Verbal Communication

non verbal comm

Introverted people are usually quite receptive to this type of communication and this can go a long way in making them feel that they are loved. Gentle pats on the shoulder, maintaining eye contact, and other nonverbal forms of communication can get your message across much more efficiently that using actual words.

6. Hang Out

hangout with them

Introverted people are usually quite uneasy around a lot of people, well that's completely fine. You can quite easily make them feel loved by taking time out to spend with them. Whatever they enjoy doing, stick to it and try to enjoy it as much as they do. Whether that simply be chilling at home or maybe playing a game, it's the thought that counts.

7. Tell Them They Matter

tell them matter

Hearing those words will make anyone feel loved, it doesn't come often but those are powerful words. Simply telling them that they matter and that you want to make them feel loved, will make them feel that you love them indeed. Be sincere and tell them straight up, no beating around the bush.

Our introverted friends, relatives and maybe even partners, all need to feel loved, as do all people in general. I hope these tips helped you find ways to help yours.