Before You can Even be Successful

Before You can Even be Successful

Before You can Even be Successful

What is there Before success?

  • Find your passion
  • Make it as important as the air that you breathe literally.

Before success there is a good base. What do I mean by that? A great man once said, “when I started improving as a person, I have seen improvements in my business” in other words, success is just an expression (in the material plan) of what you have become as a human being--success is something you attract, not something you chase.

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Habits to Improve Productivity

So you will tell me “what kind of human being must I become then?” That…I cannot answer for you. This is the thing you see; it’s not about what you become, as much as, why you want to become it. You have to start there. The question with “what” insinuates that there is only one type of person that makes it; that there is some sort of “ready-made blue-print” to be successful. It may be so…that rich and great people share similar traits, but you won’t become like that merely by trying to imitate them on a superficial level—at least, it would be hard to do it, next to impossible.

You have to find your passion. Like the inspirational actor--Will Smith--once said, “greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, illusive, god-like…feature, that only the special among us, will ever taste. It’s very simple--this is what I believe; and I’m willing to die for it, period” in another interview he said, “What is distinctly different about me is that, I’m not afraid to die on the treadmill; you might be smarter than me, you might have more talent than me…but if we get on the treadmill, together, there’s two things: you’re getting of first; or I’m going to die—it’s that simple.

I can’t find my Passion

  • You don’t have access to all of your feeling-self.
  • You chase instead of being.

If you can’t find your passion; here is how to start. You need help! I don’t mean help from somebody, I mean you need help from you; you need more--of you-- to be implicated in what it is to be you, in the future. Don’t you understand? If you can’t find your passion, it just means that you have not found enough of “yourself”.

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Find your Inner Strength

When I say you, I mean your “inner you”. Remember what I said before “success is what you attract by being—not chasing”.

Have you felt sometimes, that, you are not what you should be? What does that even mean really? That is you sensing that there is more about you that meets the eye, but for some reason, you can’t access it; it has remained locked in a safe, and you can’t find the key anymore; it has remained buried, you don’t know what it is, but you know it’s there.

These are all just empty words, I know; it doesn’t change a thing (it can inspire for a moment) but it doesn’t help you see through the mist. I will help you see! The only real help is that which gives others the tools to help themselves.

How to find my Passion then?

  • Look for emotions that you prefer not to acknowledge.

Passion for me is emotion. And what is emotion? For me, it is simply energy. Raise your energy levels and you will be able to see more clearly into your soul; and know what you are made for. This energy, this “super you/passionate you” is lurking and sleeping deep, very deep, inside of you—in the depths of your soul where you have imprisoned it; that’s right—you have done this to yourself because you were scared of the potential violence of your emotions, of what it could do, of what it could change. Transformation is scary; it’s definitely not for the light of heart.

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Turn Passion into a Business

Don’t worry, we’ve all had to do this to different extent; be it because of a violent childhood, tough upbringing, or even, strict parents, for some reason, we had to control certain emotions that were deemed “negative” to society.

The Price of Living

  • Feeling your “bad” emotions as much as your “good” ones.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that—pain, sadness, fear, hate, etc—somehow were bad, but, how could it be bad when it makes you so awesome, yes, awesome because it makes you human…and passionate. Think of the power that these emotions have to move you, to make you do things that are out of the ordinary. Is that not what you want?

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Rules for Living Successful Life

You might tell me: “oh! But I don’t want to wallow in these “bad” emotions; they make me feel terrible and a bad person”. I’m sorry, did you say they make you feel? Are you afraid to feel?

Do you prefer a life where…you don’t go out anymore, you sit in the house, and slowly the world you are living in is getting smaller, and all you say is “please…at least leave me alone in my living room; let me have my toaster, my television, and my steel radios, and I won’t say anything”.

Okay I admit, the last sentence is from a movie; but the point is that: you have to risk connecting with your “feeling self” in order to open up to those repressed energies—your lack of vitality, and not knowing what you want out of life comes from the fact that you are using all of your will-power to control emotions that scare you.

You’re even scared of fear; you fear your fear more than fear itself, which translates into a fear of living your emotions. Ironically, you are closing the very door that would grant you what you want out of life.  Before you can be successful—you have to start feeling life.