How to Crush Your Day Before It Starts

How to Crush Your Day Before It Starts

How to Crush Your Day Before It Starts

Everyone has been there.  That day where everything you did was spot on.  You were focused.  You were eloquent.  You got everything done you needed to get done and more.  You were downright awesome!

Athletes refer to it as ‘being in the zone’.  It’s almost like an out of body experience.  You’re crushing it, but it doesn’t even seem like you have to try.  I recently experienced a day like this at the gym.  I hit an all time high weight on the clean and jerk, an Olympic weightlifting standard that I have struggled with in the past.  I did not accomplish it just once, but 3 times, increasing my max by 40 pounds!  I have no clue how it happened, but the movement felt good that day.  It clicked.  I can’t tell you how it happened in the gym, but I can tell you how I make every day I work similar to one of those days.

I discovered this method of getting in the zone a few years ago.  I woke up one morning at 4:45 am, but didn’t have to be up for another 45 minutes.  It was one of those times where I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep, but I didn’t want to get out of bed just yet either.  So, I started thinking about my day and how I could make it awesome.  This practice has evolved and I now have 3 simple steps I carry out each day before I even get out of bed.

Before you get out of bed, just relax and...

1. Reflect on what you did Awesome the day Before

reflect on what you did awesome the day before

Self Improvement Plans

This is a very important step in the process.  Your brain needs a reward for all its hard work and believe it or not, a simple pat on the back does wonders for the psyche.  It increases positive feelings, such as self respect, happiness and confidence.  These things can be very powerful to your personal growth and productivity.  Your achievement for the day before could have been something small, like passing on that doughnut at the office, or it could have been huge, like closing a big contract or finally starting your own business.  Regardless of  the size of your accomplishment, give yourself a pat on the back. Try to think of at least 2 things you accomplished yesterday.

2. Give Thanks where Thanks is Due

thank you

Practice Gratitude

It’s commonplace in articles and books on productivity and self-improvement to see terms thrown around like “always be grateful” or “develop a spirit of thanks.”  And while I find many of these writings to be a bit cliche overall, they definitely nailed this one.  If you can develop the habit of finding positive things in your life and being grateful for what you have, it can transform your way of thinking.  It will reduce stress and help you develop an attitude of abundance.  When you’re doing this, be sure to get very specific.  “I’m thankful for my life.” is not specific enough.  “I’m thankful to have a loving wife that supports all my crazy ideas.”  That’s the kind of thought that’s going to get your brain on the fast track for an awesome day.  Try to think of at least 2 or 3 things each day and try to make them different every day.  And finally…

3. Set Today’s Agenda

set today s agenda

Set Smart Goals

This one is simple; think of 3 things you want to get done today that will take you closer to your goals.  These things need to be tasks that, if accomplished, will make you feel fulfilled.  Hint:  This might be a good starting place for your achievements tomorrow!  Think of these as mini-goals, and just like any goals, they need to be specific, relevant and measurable.  If they’re not all three, then you won’t bother to follow through on them. 

This whole practice is focused on creating a positive attitude for the day.  It will come as no surprise to you that positive people are productive people.  So, before you get out of bed in the morning, take just a moment to reflect on what you did awesome the day before, give thanks where thanks is due, and set today’s agenda.  Then go out there and be awesome!