How To Convert Web-Viewers To Potential Buyers

How To Convert Web-Viewers To Potential Buyers

How To Convert Web-Viewers To Potential Buyers

You are running an online business and there are lots of viewers on your website but what is the use of the visitors if they are not purchasing anything from your website. Yes, I know it’s difficult to convert your website visitor into the potential buyer. Most of the visitors leave your website without ordering as your website is not that charming and they don’t believe in your website (I mean they don’t trust).

Here I have some tips which may be useful for you, whichever type of the business you are running online.

1. Testimonials


You might be thinking how come testimonials will convert web-viewers to potential buyers. Yes, testimonials can do it. Whenever we visit any website we read the testimonials definitely, even if long. These testimonials gives a fair idea about the website, the services, the owner and the employees.

By reading the testimonials, customers get a clear idea about the services. After a successful sale, your customer will be more than happy to give you a positive testimonial. You can add testimonials in the form of text, video and images. Create a space on your website for testimonials. These testimonials will encourage the customer to trust you.

2. Attractive Keywords

attractive keywords

You might have come across keywords like Hurry up / End of Season/ Sale Offer on top eCommerce websites. All these keywords are just to convert the web viewers into potential customers. You would also have spotted a count-down clock showing when the sale will expire, the original price crossed and offered a sale price.

These are tricks to create an urgency so that the customers are compelled to purchase the product immediately, fearing that it may go out of stock. So add such keywords and see the magic happen.

3. Clear Images

clear image

In online business, customers cannot see the actual physical product. The selling depends on the image of the product (mainly the clarity of the product). While purchasing online, customers will get attracted to clear and complete images. Also, the customers want to view the product from various angles and are interested in seeing multiple images.

If the images are as per the requirement of the customer they seem happier and interested. So always have clear images of products on your website if you wish to boost up sales.

4. Show Them the Way to Your Website

show them the way to your website

Many a times, the customer is interested in purchasing the product, but doesn’t find detailed information about the product. Moreover the instructions on how to purchase the product, payment, delivery etc are not clear. Hence, the potential customer leaves the web page instead of ordering.

So make sure you provide the details about the product and clear instructions on the purchase process- weight, shipping cost, payment method, delivery time and the refund policy. Keep the ordering process simple to attract customers. Add arrows, lines to take the customers where you want. Even keep the customer care number or the contact number on the home page for easy accessibility.

There are still more factors through which you can convert web-viewers to potential buyers. You can add email subscription to your website to remain in touch with your customers or else you can put limited access on your website like Each e-commerce business is different and some strategies may work out for your business and not for others.

So friends put more strain on your brain to find out more ways of converting customers and to bring traffic towards the website.