7 Easy Exercises to Achieve a Blissful State of Mind

7 Easy Exercises to Achieve a Blissful State of Mind

7 Easy Exercises to Achieve a Blissful State of Mind

Within the chaos of everyday life, it is difficult to maintain awareness of the presence. Ancient Buddhists had techniques designed with this intent. As you strive to reach a state of non-duality or oneness, recognize that you are trying to reach a place where you share a unified consciousness with your environment.

For those who practice consistently, it cultivates tranquility, joy, and longer attention spans that ultimately reduce stress and bring about deep peace. Two weeks flew by as I honed my skills in breathing, meditation, and focus.

Mindfulness Technique

Mindfulness is the art of seeing things as they are. This exercise provides you the discipline to contemplate. You can do this exercise anywhere, whether in a coffee shop or while taking a stroll.

1. Turn Your Phone Off

turnoff phone

As sure as you are that it will be a minor distraction, anything that breaks your train of thought sets you back in the process.

2. Observe Your Environment

observe environment

Take note of your surroundings and the people around you. Notice the things about your environment that bring you to a place of ease and relaxation.

3. Be Aware of Your Desires and Observations

moving on

While observing, notice the expectations or desire to predict something about your environment. Do not censor these desires or observations. Simply become aware of them and move on.

4. Notice Your Train of Thought

notice your taught

Pay attention to the scenarios your mind is creating. Notice the questions and speculations that come up.

5. Extend Your Attention Span and Let the Perceptions Pour in

work environment

As you work your way further through this, extend you attention further than you have. Allow the moment to wash over you as everything in your environment interacts with you on a deeper level.

6. Let the Realizations Present Themselves Without You Making an Effort

take a break

If you feel yourself trying to experience these things, you still have not let go enough. Take a break and begin the process again with a clear eye on your goals.

7. Use Your Own Judgment to End the Session

interact with others

Develop this exercise to be actively doing it even while interacting with others. Keep observing patiently without expecting anything or attempting to get an answer. With mindfulness we begin to see all possibilities, and ultimately not things as we assume they are, but as they truly are. It embraces the actuality of the mind, heart, body and our relationship with the world. It gives us a degree of freedom to navigate the ups and downs of life— and embrace our aspirations, fears, and relationships with others and ourselves with an open mind.

Embrace the present moment and begin practicing these techniques, right now. You will start noticing gradual changes that lead to a fuller, more present life. Begin your positive mental change today.