Simple Steps to Achieve Goals

Simple Steps to Achieve Goals

Simple Steps to Achieve Goals

Goals give meaning and purpose to our lives and motivate us to go out there and realize our dreams and potential.  Many of us have set short-term, long-term or even life defining goals as we go through life. Setting goals is easy, but achieving them, is another thing. So, here are 8 simple steps to help you focus and achieve your goals.

1. What is your Goal?

A good way to start is at the beginning! It is important to note down what your goal is, in bold letters either in a physical journal or a digital one.  The written word is a powerful medium and you are most likely to be committed to it, if you note it down.  

2. Why do you Want to Achieve It?

The intent of anything is vital.  Because the “why” is what drives you and motivates you towards accomplishment. List out why you want to achieve a particular goal.  The goal must mean something to you; otherwise you are not going to be committed to it. Set goals that are in tune with your dreams, core values and belief systems.  You will then work towards them willingly and effortlessly.


3. Own your Goals

When your goals are truly yours and are set because that is what You want to do, you are most likely to succeed.  If your goals are set because of what your peers are achieving, then you are not as committed and as enthusiastic while achieving them.


4. The First Step

Take that leap of faith and step forward.  Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you start.  Make a beginning and keep at it. If you have to develop a skill set to start a project, begin with what you know and add to your knowledge.  Procrastination is an easy trap to fall into while achieving goals.  If you start working towards it, there can be only one way –forward.

5. Realistic Timelines

Have goals with realistic timelines, then they are achievable.  If you want to start a business, lose weight or build a house, have a timeline by which you want to accomplish them.  General goals like ‘I want to be rich/thin/successful’ without any specific timelines are going to remain just wishful thinking.

6. Plan of Action

List out the steps you have to take to achieve your goal.  Be specific when you are making this list.  For example, if you have to learn a new skill set or develop new contacts, or develop a new habit, make a note of these.  List out whatever it takes to achieve your goal and also how you are going to go about it.  The more detailed the plan of action is, the more easily it can be achieved.


7. Track your Progress

Have a tracker alongside your Plan of action list, to see what you have accomplished and what needs to be done yet.  This will give you a chance to evaluate your progress as well as realign and readjust your ‘To do’ list, if need be.  

8. Consistency and Determination

These are the two factors that will set you apart from the non-achievers.  Be consistent in working towards your goals.  You may not have the same motivation and enthusiasm every single day, but make working towards your goal a habit.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going is a popular adage.  Your determination must conquer your lassitude.  

Anything in life can be achieved if you go about it in a methodical and practical way.  The above steps will help you to get focussed and plan out your goal-setting and goal-achieving in a logical fashion, so that you can achieve whatever goal you have set out for yourself.  The above tried and tested steps will help you to take control of your life and achieve all your goals with an ease that you never thought possible before.  So go ahead and achieve all your goals!