10 Simple and Powerful Body Language Tips

10 Simple and Powerful Body Language Tips

10 Simple and Powerful Body Language Tips

A key factor in most communication is your body language. Nonverbal communication is as important as verbal conversation. While speaking a lot of what you say is communicated through your facial expressions, gestures, and visual cues. For example smiles and the right amount of eye contact can make you seem more welcoming and friendly, which can cause people to become more open to what you’re saying.

Hence it is vital to be able to use body language as a tool to control the situation and get good results. Here is how you can have effective body language!

1. Use ‘High Power’ Poses

body language poses

A study by Harvard University showed the difference your stance can make on your aura. Widening your stance, standing tall, pulling your shoulder back, putting your feet up on the table with your hands behind your head are all examples of high power poses. Using these types of poses for a minute or so releases testosterone in your body. This hormone is associated with strength and power. It gives you the confidence boost you need!

2. Don’t Underestimate Handshakes

shake hands

A study by Income Centre for Trade Shows showed that people are more likely to recall you if you shake hands with them. They also found that people are friendlier and open towards you if you shake their hand.

3. Mirror Expressions and Postures

body language postures

To show agreement and support, subtly mirror the speaker’s expressions or postures. This can cause a psychological effect on the speaker who will view you as more accepting and understanding. This technique is important when maintaining bonds or even in interviews.

4. Smile

confident smile

A genuine smile can do wonders for your mental process and for others too. When you smile you are sending your brain a positive message which can even cause less exhaustion. Also when you have a genuine smile it can show others you are trustworthy, friendly and approachable.

5. Gestures

body language gestures

Gestures are vital in holding attention and getting your point across. Through gestures you can communicate passion and excitement, which can really bring employees on your side in a meeting for example.

6. Seek out Lies

dominance with body language

Using body language you can deduce a liar a mile away. If there aren’t any visible cues on their face and gestures it might be because they are being guarded. In a case like this don’t forget to check the feet! Under stress, a lot of people have a habit of tapping their feet, fidget or shuffle.

7. Listening

effective listening

To make a speaker feel valued and accepted, make sure your body language shows that you’re listening. Multitasking while listening can cause a speaker to feel like his opinions don’t matter.

8. Change The Posture

postures of body language

While you’re speaking if someone protectively crosses their hands across their chest, it either means they aren’t being attentive or aren’t too positive about you. In a situation like this, you can change their posture by handing out your sample brochures, business cards or resume. 

In a crowd, you can ask questions (How many here have used our product before?), so they raise their hands. Their body posture can influence their attitude towards you.

9. Hold a Cup of Coffee

body language styles

A Yale study showed that people who hold warm beverages as opposed to cold ones are viewed as more trustworthy even after just a small interaction.

10. Increase your Memory

benfits of good body language

A study by Allan and Barbara Pease showed that when you uncrossed your arms in a lecture you are 38% more likely to remember it. This can help you improve your retention and increase your memory!

Using body language to change the course of conversations and attitudes is not something to be taken lightly. It can affect the outcome your whole venture!