Getting Over a Breakup

Getting Over a Breakup

Getting Over a Breakup

Breakups can be the toughest things you encounter in life. We’re all affected by breakups differently. When your relationship ends, things can go pretty rough, depending on the circumstances; one untold fact is that there is always one side that suffers more in breakup.Breakups can be the toughest things you encounter in life. We’re all affected by breakups differently.

When your relationship ends, things can go pretty rough, depending on the circumstances; one untold fact is that there is always one side that suffers more in breakup.A thousand relationships end up every day; nowadays people seem to have less patience and tolerance, being in rushed way of life, full of work and stress

1. Here Comes the Tricky Part


Maintain Momentum in Life

Getting back to single life can be hard. You have to adapt to new lifestyle, and get over the pain of loss and disappointment. Today we are helping you, with the rules for getting over a breakup the healthy way and the fastest way possible.

2. Stop the Contact


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This is the problem where many people often sabotage themselves. Any kind of contact with your ex will result in a desperate trying to get back together and many people do this over and over again. Even if you think you’d just call or text for some other particular reason, you’re fooling yourself. Your subconscious mind plays tricks on you. To save yourself, break the contact with your ex, no matter what. When you call it quits, that’s it.

Be strict and strong. Don’t change your mind often.That shows that you don’t have self-esteem and don’t respect your own decisions, which will lead in lack of respect from your ex.

3. Cut the Memory Triggers


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The emotional scars and burden, as well as the amount of things reminding you of your past relationship depend on the length of your relationship and how deep and connected you two were.

The best healthy thing to do after the breakup is to remove all memory triggers from your belongings and your environment as well. If you two had the favorite restaurant, try to avoid visiting it while the breakup phase is fresh. Cleaning your room from the stuff related to your relationship will help you overcome the painful process.

4. Keep Yourself Busy and Active


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This is the time when you’re not allowed to stay alone, doing nothing. The lonely moments without something to set your mind and energy to will get you thinking about the relationship.Provoking anxiety, restlessness, and sadness. This is the perfect timing to start a healthy habit, like start working out, or playing some sports. Get that tennis shoes from the locker and start hitting the court. Your body and your mind will be thankful.

Exercise and sports improve your mood and alleviate depression, and keep your mind off your situation. Always have something to do, something to keep you occupied and try your best doing it. Maybe it’s the time for the new hobby, or joining that pottery or language class you thought about long time ago.Surround yourself with friends who care for you and spend time with them. Do interesting stuff, organize some event with them; they will understand and follow along.

5. Patience is key


Tips to Increase Your Patience

You have to know that some time is necessary to leave this situation behind. If your relationship lasted long, and you guys had a lot behind you, a significant amount of time will be necessary to get over it, at least 1/3 of the time spent together.

You have to be patient and think about yourself the most. Moving on is your goal in this period, and the time spent recalling the past, or in sadness won’t do any good. Still, when you have bad time don’t lie to yourself; get it out of your system.

6. Get back to Some of Your Old Habits. Or Get a New One


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We all change in relationships. Many times that happens because of our partners; to make the compromise you’ll stop doing something you prefer, or like, to please your partner, and compensate his/her effort to please you. If the relationship was longer, you’ll develop the behaving suiting your partner’s needs, and now that period is over.

Get back to playing drums, or sort the stuff in kitchen the way it was before relationship. Now you’re the only person you need to please.

Same goes with something you got interested for, and knew that won’t suit your partner. Now it’s the time to go and try those new things. Go out there and pursue what comforts you. The benefits are clear: you’ll keep your mind occ+upied, won’t think about the past, or bad experience you’re going through, and feel good.

There is an undeniable truth to be remembered at all times. You still have a future. You still have your own qualities, your personality and your life ahead of you. Tomorrow is the new day, embrace it with courage and smile on your face.You have to remember that moving on is a process, and it takes time, and if sometimes you have some bad moments, and bad feelings, you can get them out of your system by some good habits. Relax, and enjoy the new freedom.

Who knows, maybe your next true love awaits behind the next corner.