10 Effective Ways to Deal With an Existential Crisis

10 Effective Ways to Deal With an Existential Crisis

10 Effective Ways to Deal With an Existential Crisis

Are you going through a phase where you have become more emotional, sensitive and basically an all round sentimental sap? Is the fact that you are a mere mortal who is going to die someday hanging above your head like a cloud that you can’t get rid off?

Are you seeking answers for questions like “What is my purpose” and “where am I going” in inspirational books to no avail? Do you feel alone and isolated? Do you feel worthless? Do you have sudden bursts of energy and enthusiasm and complete “paralyzed from within” sensation the next? If the answers to all these questions are “yes”, then you my friend is going through an existential crisis. This brings with it the crippling depression and anxiety that prevents you from leading your happy life to its full potential. You need help and here’s 10 ways you can beat the blues effectively.

1. Introspect


Try and figure out what is the root cause of your anxiety. What experience, what memories, what aspects of your life led you to think this way. Once you do, ask yourself what is the end result of all this contemplation. What motivates you to seek the truth behind life. Understand what caused the problem. You might actually end up getting a fresher understanding of your life and what you need to do to make it better.

2. Voice Your Problem


It often helps people when they write out what is irking them. Your vexing thoughts when put in words will leave you instantly, sometimes for good. So grab a pen and paper and let your emotions flow without any inhibition. Write in simple words or as prose or poetry, your call. Just let it out. 

3. Get Rid Of The Negativity

get rid of the negativity

 Do not let any negative thoughts have any access to your inner self. You might feel isolated when you are trying to figure out the big picture. Just do not think that you are all by yourself in this tiny ignorant world. Keep them at bay by anchoring your inner self to any ideals or fixed values (no matter you are pro or anti those beliefs). This might in turn help you to tether yourself to something and avoid feeling floating away in this great abyss that you find life to be.

4. This Is A Common Problem. Its No Biggie. Acknowledge

Tell yourself that you are not the only one who is stuck in the quagmire that may or may not be somebody’s game plan. Cause that is the truth. Many of us get stuck in figuring if they are just a pawn in the bigger game that is being controlled by someone else.

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The rat race is not the end game for you and you are not the only one stuck in it. Search history and you will realize that you are your own player not destiny. So focus on your own life and your own game.

5. Don’t Compare With Others

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 Comparing yourself with others and sulking on what is and what isn’t only leads to low self-worth  and self esteem. So be your own competitor. Be the better you. 

6. Positive Thoughts

Stop Once you have gotten rid off the negativity, it is time to focus your attention on the positives in your life. Express yourself through positive creations- literature, art, music, whatever your heart wants.

success 3

Focus on the things in life you already have and have achieved. Take up a project, work on your hobbies, give yourself ample opportunities to have small successes. The feeling of succeeding is a powerful tool to get rid of the cobwebs. Declutter your space- physically. Clean up physically (don’t use machines). Having a clutter free and clean environment helps in soothing the mind.

7. Imagine

negitive fear

Think what any one of your role models would do in your position? What advice would they give you? What advice would you give someone who is having similar thoughts as you? Mr. Spock says, “Live long and Prosper” so stop obsessing over nothing, go ahead and live a happy life and do what you need to do to prosper. Seek help if need be from your family and friends or a professional.

8. Make Your Own Rules


To be or not to be is not the question. The question is what to be and how to be. The world is your playground. Make your own rules. Be what you want to be with nothing holding you back. Do what you longed to do. Enjoy new experiences. New memories and small successes anywhere in your life positively affect you and the way you feel. Even if you believe in life after death, you have got only one shot at this one. Make it worth it.

9. Create Joy And Peace

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Seems like an impossible thing to do in this world full of terrorists with people starving and dying every day. But every good deed counts. One good act is far more powerful than 10 evil ones. Do not harm anyone (including yourself). Create your own beautiful and happy world, the way you want to see it.

10. It’s A Brand New Day Tomorrow

 Remember, the only one who can stop you is you. You are a force to reckon.  Remind yourself that today is not the end of it. You will have another go at achieving happiness tomorrow as well.

brand new day

So shake off the horrible, useless thoughts that had been weighing you down and claim what is yours- its yours for the taking.

“Since water still flows, though we cut it with swords,
And sorrow returns, though we drown it with wine,
Since the world can in no way satisfy our cravings,
Let us loosen our hair tomorrow and go fishing.” –Li Po