10 Steps to Planning a Perfect Career Change

10 Steps to Planning a Perfect Career Change

10 Steps to Planning a Perfect Career Change

When does a person put on a thinking cap about shifting companies? Maybe you are frustrated and want to look out for a change in job. Or you found your long cherished opportunity you long for. Perhaps your company is planning to cut down the number of employees. The reason may be many.

But, when you search for a good job don’t compromise for anything lesser than you actually deserve. Consider changing careers as a way to improve your career. Keep in mind that there are basically 10 steps to planning the perfect career change before you land a good job. The steps are:

1. Identify Your Interests and Dislikes

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Make certain what all things interest you. Find out what all things irritates you. The main reason why you want to change job may be because you didn’t get your dream job yet. Or maybe your new boss is an unpleasant person. Make sure what you have to do to remain motivated. Are you not certain as to which one job is suitable for you? Then, why don’t you take some of the career assessments tests to ascertain it?

2. Try to Collect as much Information as Possible Regarding the new Job

Once you are sure about your likes and dislikes the next step may be to collect as much information as possible about the new job you aspire to get. It is quite natural that you may have some apprehensions while shifting jobs. The only important thing you have to do is to gather as much information as possible related to the new job.

3. Pre-Acquired Skills

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Every work has some functions in common. To tell an example, you may have already acquired leadership skills which are applicable to all kinds of work. You may be good in planning or men management which is an essential prerequisite in all kinds of jobs.

4. Improve Your Skills or Knowledge

Do you consider yourself to be an expert to do all work? There are certain works which require some special kind of skills or knowledge. Check out if your employer is ready to sponsor extra course or he is willing to provide some special training for that purpose.

5. Socialize to Get Information about Career Opportunities


Increase your friend circle to get important information about the available new opportunities. Social networking websites such as Linked In and Face book will fetch you the exact job you want to be in.

6. Gain Maximum Experience

Before changing to a different job satisfy yourself that you have gained enough experience to prove that you are worthy of doing that job. If you have any shadow of doubt gain necessary experience before applying for a new job.

7. Seek Advice from Your Mentor

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Before taking a decision regarding changing jobs, seek advice from your mentor. The more experienced he is, the better.

8. Old Boss Vs. New Boss

Some may feel sentimentally attached to their old boss and refuse to change the company he is working with. But, he may ask for a job shift. This can be beneficial for both the employers and the employees.

9. Join Some Useful Courses before Applying for a New Job

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There are certain courses which will guide you regarding the job which will suit you the best, how to write an effective resume, which are the genuine companies offering attractive jobs Etc.

10. Accept whatever conditions set forth by the new employer

Readily accept the conditions set forth by the new employer. That will definitely help you grow in your career.

These are the 10 steps to planning the perfect career change.