10 Habits To Develop A Positive Attitude

10 Habits To Develop A Positive Attitude

10 Habits To Develop A Positive Attitude

Positivity and optimism may seem like archaic, outdated ideals. Relics of a bygone era, as we modernize into a bleak and selfish future. Negativity seems to be the new norm, but does it really have to be? We live in a world where we get jobs we don't enjoy, where we fail to achieve our dreams and grow bitter at the success of a select few.

You Have The Power

you have the power

However, in a world like this what we need is hope, hope that everything will be alright as we move forward in life. And that hope can come from no one else but yourself. We create our own demons, we cultivate our fears, paranoias and drown ourselves in sorrow. All of that can only be stopped by you, by developing a positive outlook on the world around us, a positive attitude, ready to face the world, to quell your fears, to see the world for what it truly is... A world of hope.

And so without further ado, let's go over 10 habits that will help you develop a positive attitude towards the world, towards the people who surround you and towards events in your life.

1. Seek Positivity

seek positivity

The first step to growing a positive attitude is to well... Start having a positive attitude. Ok before you close your browser thinking this is just some kind of a collection of cliches that will not really help you, slow down and hear me out. Having a positive attitude starts with you thinking positively about circumstances in your life, and the people around you. 

portratit yourself

To do that you have to actively search for what is positive in everything. Picture your life as a white canvass, a black smudge splatters right down the middle (this is a failure, a rude person, an event in your life where you become negative). That image has probably been used in the past a bunch of times but that does not take away from the fact that people have a hard time seeing the white through the little black. 

So to cultivate a positive attitude, look no further than the way you see events, the way you see people's actions, and just believe that there is something positive there, and to grasp that positivity, and not dwell on the negative.

2. Live in the Present

live in the present

 A lot of us want to be the daring captain at the helm of the ship called "Destiny", boldly going forth to face the storm called life. Dauntless, fearless, assured that nothing will go wrong. A lot of us are also afraid of failure, afraid of getting hurt, so they hide in their shells, hide behind walls, like a king without subjects. 

anger management

The future is uncertain, and for some people, the uncertainty leads to fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to... Negativity. It is in times like this that our next tip comes into play. Live in the present. Live life knowing that there are jus some things that you have absolutely no control over, but what you can do is overcome them as they happen.

end worry

What will worry get you? What does fear do? It causes you to be irrational, to be paranoid, it affects you and affects your life. So live life unafraid, but without overconfidence. Something could always go wrong, but fearing it is going to make it worse. Take control and live in the present.

3. Take Time To Reflect

At the end of a long tiring day, alot can be swirling around your head as you lose sleep over something someone said, or something someone did. You feel that there is something you did wrong, and that may as well be true.That's where this next habit comes in. It is always a good practice to take some time and reflect on your actions in a day, to reflect on people's actions and to try to realize the good that ame out of it as well as the bad.

take time to reflect

Try to See the good and try to replicate it, try to find the bad and avoid it. At the end of the day, as you reflect, you learn, you always learn and you keep learning. That is a good mindset to have, a good positive mindset. When something bad happens, you reflect on it, you try to learn from it. From your mistakes you should learn, a you take some time and reflect.

4. Be Thankful of Who You are, of What You Have

This may sound like another cliche, but here me out. We all have our own problems, our own struggles in life as we try to juggle all our responsibilities and problems, when you are depressed because your car got dented or that your lover left you, and you feel that your life has problems so large that you can't handle them. This is the next habit, whenever you feel that way... Imagine you live in the Bronx, a slum you wake up with the sun shining in your face as a teenager kicks ou across the chest.

be kind

You reel as the boy laughs at you. You're stomach is empty, you're hands are sore with blisters and boils, you cry but no one responds... No wake up. Remember who you are and remember your problems, are they bigger than the Bronx man's problems? Be thankful you're not him, yet at the same time realize that your problems are not so big and that you can help him. Be thankful for what you have, because remember there are people out there with keen less than you, whom you can help, because you are who you are.

5. Remember You Matter

you matter

Positivity is only a matter of reinforcement, a mindset which you create. However it is often difficult when the world throws one curve ball at you after another, you can feel insignificant as you struggle to feel needed. The next habit is simple, tell yourself 'I matter". The things you do matter, and it is good to keep that in mind, from washing laundry to balancing checks, as long as you "do your ordinary duties extraordinarilly well" you will matter. Tell that to yourself and realize how powerful your own mind can really be when it comes to situations where you feel down. Tel yourself "I matter"

6. Focus on What You Love

focus on what

We all get lost in the endless swirls of life and stress, we get lost in the hate in the negativity. One habit that is really helpful is focus on what you love, focus on what you enjoy, keep those images in your mind as you are being overun by adversities. Imagine the person you love standing next to you as you get ready to take your interview. Imagine you are painting a picture of passion as you spend hours on the computer at the office. If that can't help that least look forward to being with the pele you love, look forward to doing the things you love. Then maybe makit a habit can help you get through positively, the things you disl and the difficult people in our lives.

7. Turn Negative Comments into Positive Outcomes

turn positive

We all have those terrible people come into our lives that just say the most terrible things to us. The best point of action to take, and to turn into a habit is learn from those remarks and use them as fuel to make yourself better. Make it a habit to take remarks like "you will never succeed" and turn it into a motivation. Positivity is all in the mind after all.

8. Learn When To Take Chances

take chances

This is attached to the habit of "Living in the Moment". If you see an opportunity, weigh the risks, if you see it is worth it, then what's holding you back? Alot of people regret not giving something a try, and that regret leads alot of people to become negative, sulking at their failed attempt at success. Don't be that way, take risks (P.S. Only take those risks if there is little to no chance of horribly losing everything, it's still good to think things through instead of regretting taking a risk and ending up a loser). Anazlyze the situation and when one of these things happen, rember, nothing comes out of worrying.

Wait Things Out, Because Everything Changes


When you're stuck thinking that you're in a dead end, that life has no meaning and that eerything you do leads to another mistake...  When you feel that way, a good habit to have is to picture a tree. The tree barren, without leaves, in the middle of a frozen wasteland, winter has fallen. Now picture the tree again, flowers have sprouted, the dawn has arrived with the spring. When you feel stuck, when you feel that everything stays the same, remember that the only thing that is certain is change. That nothing stays the same. Seasons come and go.

Imagine Each Day Were Your Last

think its ur lastday

I may sound like a broken record at this point but seizing every opportunity, living in the moment, it all concludes to this habit. Picturing that every day could be, it very well may be, your last day on earth. We all don't want to think about the end, but truth is, we cannot avoid it, we can only live our lives the best way that we can, the best lives that we can have. Don't waste a day or so worrying about things that won't matter in the long run, live, enjoy, and stay positive. If you habitually live each day as if it were your last, you will treat people better, react better to situations, count your blessings better, and overall live positively and free of anxiety..

Overall, life is in the mind. Positivity starts from you and the way you see your everyday lives and events. The way you see the actions of your neighbors and co workers. Life is about living free of doubt, unafraid of what lies beyond as you know that each day could be your last, so make the best of it. Nothing stays the same, so we must only strive to better ourselves and live the lives we were meant to live. Positively with great attitude to boot.