10 Ways to Deal with Resentment

10 Ways to Deal with Resentment

10 Ways to Deal with Resentment

Developing resentment can happen to anyone. When you feel hurt or when someone seems better off than you personally or professionally, you tend to get feelings of resentment. When you continuously dwell over a situation and feelings of anger or bitterness, it can eat away you or poison your heart. It can take quite some effort to deal with feelings of resentment.

Here are 10 ways to deal with feelings of resentment:

1. Identify the Source

identify the source

When you begin to feel resentment, it is important to identify the exact reason or source of that resentment. Try to observe yourself in what situations do you get those feelings.

2. Identify Your Role

identify the source

When you start to feel anger or bitterness towards anyone, try and identify your role in that. Do you feel angry or bitter towards someone else because you got vulnerable and allowed that person to hurt you in some way? You tend to feel anger when you trust someone and the person hurts you. In that case, tell yourself you made a mistake and it won't happen again in the future.

3. Stop Overthinking

stop overthinking

If you ruminate over a situation, you will never allow yourself to get over it. To be able to deal with resentment, learn to manage your thoughts. Learn to control your thoughts and focus on finding a solution to letting go of that resentment.

4. Focus on the Good Qualities of that Person

focus on good qualities of person

Sometimes, people we are close to, end up hurting us knowingly or unknowingly. In such a case, instead of holding a grudge against that person, focus on what good qualities he or she has. Doing so will help you to be able to forgive that person and move on.

5. Divert Your Mind

divert your mind

When you are not able to forgive that person or let go of your anger or bitterness towards someone, try to divert your mind when you get negative thoughts. Finish a task on hand, call a friend or watch your favorite television series or just take a nap.

6. Talk to a Friend

talk to a friend

Suppressing your feelings or keeping them to yourself will not prove to be helpful in dealing with resentment. Instead, talk to a friend about it. Let it all out and you will feel better and also get another person’s perspective which might help you move on.

7. Revisit the Situation

revisit the situation

Many times, when we are angry, we hold on to that instance or situation. Sometimes, revisiting that situation and seeing it from another perspective might help you see that you are holding on to a grudge for no reason.

8. Seek Spirituality

seek spirituality of situation

When you attempt to find a spiritual understanding of the situation, you may understand that it had a greater meaning to it and you may be able to let go of the resentment.

9. Talk to a Professional

talk to a professional

When nothing works, talking to a professional and seeking help is a good way to get over and deal with resentment.

10. Don’t Plot a Revenge

dont plot a revenge

This is very important to remember. No matter how angry or bitter you feel, keep in mind not to plan revenge against anyone.

Resentment is a tough thing to deal with, but with a conscious effort, it's not impossible to let go.