5 Reasons It's Okay to be Self-centered

5 Reasons It's Okay to be Self-centered

5 Reasons It's Okay to be Self-centered

A preaching since young age always been throbbing at the back of our mind saying “Don’t be self-centered, always help others”! We are often torn between the choices pf doing something for self and focusing on the need of others. And nearly on 99% occasions, we surrender to the implanted preaching and ignore self.

Did you ever feel crestfallen in spite of doing good to others or by giving your undivided attention while others kept whining? Did you ever try to find reasons behind your despondency?

You encountered sorrow because you neglected yourself. London-based life coach and writer, Susanna Halonen, MAPP, says “Love yourself before you lover others”. Being self-centered is a misunderstood term. In the capacity of ‘live for others’, self-centred means grooming self for greater good. If you truly want to make this world a beautiful place, learn to be a little self-centered for following five reasons:

1. To Be Satisfied

be satistfied

You will eventually exhaust yourself by declining your needs, in order to dedicate your life to others. Before showering compassion on others, you need to be self-compassionate. In a rush to be always there for others, you may ignore the experience of the joy of giving. You may never be happy with the things you do because you always feel the need to do more, you may never get contended. Gradually, you will tire yourself out and will not be able to help others. Sometimes it’s okay to take a journey within, love yourself, and be satisfied.

2. To Keep Yourself Away from Negativities

keep away from negatives

By being self-centred, you draw a boundary for yourself. You know what or who can uplift you and who or what can make you unhappy, hence, you will be strong in keeping at bay the people who are negative and always transplant negative thoughts in others. You will gain protection from the boundary you have created for yourself and instead of succumbing to sorrows, you will be able to suck positive vibes and exude the same.

3. Make Your Own Identity by Staying Focused

make your identity

Being self-centered goes hand in hand with being focussed. It's quintessential to stay focused to establish yourself in the world and to create your own identity. People listen to and follow those who have achieved success in life. So, celebrate the existence of your self being, establish yourself, feel elated and then pronounce on the world the key to happiness.

4. To Live by Virtue of Your Beliefs and Values

live by your values and beliefs

By being yourself, you nurture your beliefs and values and incorporate the same in your actions. You do not allow others to deter you from the path of righteousness. You will not always bend down or compromise to live to the expectations of others. Your knowledge of self will become your guiding factor and will not let you become vulnerable.

5. Others' Happiness Lies in Yours

others happiness lies in yours

We, the humans, do not exist in isolation. We are social animals and our lives are linked and connected with others. The positivity in you gets reflected in others; others derive strength from your strength and in the same way, your disappointment may make others unhappy. By continuously ignoring yourself, you are bound to become dry and depressed and this depression can cause a sensation in the lives of others who are connected to you. So, love yourself, pamper yourself, and let others feel happy looking at you.

Hope you derive inspiration from this article and start spending some time with self too. Be yourself, feel the joy, and spread the joy. The world needs more of happy souls and each one of us can create one.