5 Resolutions That will Make You Confident in 2017

5 Resolutions That will Make You Confident in 2017

5 Resolutions That will Make You Confident in 2017

So it’s that time of the year when resolutions are the norm. But then most people you have ever known will say that they really never keep the promises they make. Worse, their resolutions are the same repetitive ones, year after year. The result is a much lesser confident individual.

So, to help you out, here is a list of 5 resolutions that will make you a lot more confident in 2017.

1. Being Assertive

There is a very fine line between being passive and aggressive. While the first one is more about pleasing others and nodding away in agreement, the other is about pushing people to agree to what you want. Either way, behaving in a manner as such, is only detrimental to your own confidence.

be assertive

Being assertive allows you to speak your mind without hurting others – including yourself. The end result is a confident you. So, start to say what you truly feel about situations, things and people, without getting aggressive.

2. Living Debt Free

Living life debt free is a wonderful feeling that very few are able to experience. The main cause of not being able to live that experience is the ever-mounting debts. Debt calls on interest, which eats into our monthly income. This leaves us paying bill after bill. The only solution is to get disciplined and do away with all the unnecessary and impulsive spending for a while.

live debt free

By paying off small debts, we develop the confidence of being able to pay off the bigger ones in the course of time too. Also, as we start to enjoy much greater cash balances, we can snip that evil credit card into two as well. Spend all you like, but using your checkbook – it’s a truly liberating feeling.

3. Learning a Martial Art

It’s not very surprising that most martial artists are very confident about who they are. Martial art is as much about the mind as it is about the body. This stems from the feeling of being calm and being able to focus a lot more easily. Moreover, it also stems from the knowledge of not being able to be hurt by anyone, at least not easily.

learn martial arts

This leads to a lot of self-respect. Martial Art also builds a lot of self-discipline and physical strength in an individual – ultimately making him a lot fitter. So instead of merely rushing to the gym, why not join a martial arts class? You really never know when you would need those skills- either for yourself or for helping out a stranger.

4. Learn a New skill

While a lot of people choose to pick up a new hobby in the first few days of the year, they only spend that much time on it. After the initial rush, the daily routine eats into the time for the new hobby, which then ultimately takes a back seat for the better course of the year. What we forget to remember is that if the hobby had a direct tangible result in our professional life, we’d, in all probability, go for it all the way.

learn a new skill in new year

So rather than picking up that random hobby, why not pick something that can get us a raise in the office? Or getting a professional certification in our line of work? Knowing the advantage of attaining a skill is all the drive we need to see it through the year!

5. Help Someone

help someone

Most of our resolutions are about ourselves. There are hardly any for lifting someone out of a pain. But then what we need to remember is that helping someone is more about lifting our self than it is about them. So why not pledge some time to an animal shelter or volunteer to teach at a local school. If time is a constraint, why not pay for two months’ worth of school fee for a child!?

So drop the mundane resolutions. Take to a fresh start to the new year, and to a new life.