7 Compelling Reasons to Believe in Yourself

7 Compelling Reasons to Believe in Yourself

7 Compelling Reasons to Believe in Yourself

The path to self-awareness can be frustrating. We all get envious of others or lose faith that we have anything new to offer. This is far from the truth. Every mighty oak was once an acorn.

Here are a few things to help keep you focused on the path to self-realization. 

1. To Develop your Originality

be unique

There is only one you. Will you waste time by copying someone else's personality? Emulation is natural to an extent but you can't overuse it. Find out who YOU are!

Maybe you like to read. Maybe you are a fan of nature. Explore yourself without apologies to the world. You can't be Bruce Lee or Salvador Dali because these spots, in reality, are already taken. Nor should you WANT to. There are enough copycats in the world and you are something new. Make the world well-aware of that.

2. Confidence is a Foundation Built One Grain at a Time

build confidence

Every time you assert yourself then you put a little more concrete into the foundation that  will carry you through life. Think of it like building a house. We all start in a hole of obscurity but as the concrete rises, we build a firm foundation. If you build the foundation strong enough then that building can reach the skies.

3. Courage is Built While you are Building Confidence


So you've been developing your personality. People are starting to notice you. They are starting to KNOW who you are. You can tell when you start hearing your name in stories a lot "Oh, but Joe wasn't having that, you know how he is."

This is good. When people start forming an image of who you are then you know that you are successfully projecting yourself. Be bold and innovative. Explore with confidence. You cannot know if you will fail or succeed but if you don't try then you will be doomed to only hear the stories of others. Make your own. As you grow in personality you will grow in courage because, after all, being yourself is really the hardest part. Live a little. Dare yourself to do greater things. 

4. You Can Use this Motivation to Learn New Things


What new things? The list is endless. Become an expert on a subject. Learn a musical instrument. Learn fitness to get your body in top condition. Learn places that you wish to travel so that your story has an interesting background. You are an interesting person, don't you deserve an interesting life?

5. As you Learn New Things You will Believe in Yourself Enough to Practice Them

learn new things

Now you are learning new things with confidence. Don't settle for book-learning. Don't limit yourself to theory. Practice what you learn. This will increase your overall competence and it will test that you are comprehending these new things. We've established that you are unique but how much depth of character you have is up to you.

6.  Fitness Becomes Easier


As you grow in personality and capability you may find yourself getting tired. This is not because you are doing too many things. It is because your body is not functioning as efficiently as it could be. Make time to exercise, even just twice a week. Your energy levels will raise so that your physical strength will begin to approach the levels you have been setting for your willpower and mental development. 

7. By Believing in Yourself you Will have Learned a very Famous Principle


"Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused. Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear and without Strength, Knowledge may not be applied."--Alexander the Great

Congratulations. In asserting yourself you are showing the world that you are not just an individual, but a well-learned, practice-proven and FIT one.  This is the way it should be. Confidence in yourself allows you to grow as an individual. Is it hard work? Of course, it is. Yet it is the most important work that you will ever do. Know yourself and make sure that those around you do as well. Be the most you can be, by BELIEVING.