Breathe Deep and Let Go: When Quitting is the Right Thing to Do

Breathe Deep and Let Go: When Quitting is the Right Thing to Do

Breathe Deep and Let Go: When Quitting is the Right Thing to Do

We’re often told not to quit. Never give up on what you love. But just as the seasons change, so can our circumstances and our definitions of what is important. Does that mean we should give up when times are hard? Absolutely not.

Giving up is not what you do to avoid obstacles in life. It’s what you do when your heart isn’t in it anymore, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise.

Give it up when your Passion feels more like an Inconvenience.

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For years, I enjoyed being a model photographer. Over time, my interest was waning, but I couldn’t accept it after putting in so much time and effort. Looking back at it now, it was obvious that the images became less creative and more forced. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t me. When I was contacted for a shoot, I would dismiss the feeling of dread and move forward, not realizing that I was doing a great disservice to both the models and myself. When I finally put the camera away, I breathed a heavy sigh of relief and haven’t looked back. The moral of the story? When you don’t love something anymore, it shows in your work, wastes time for all parties involved, and stresses you out.

Let go when your Backup Plan starts to seem like a Much Better Idea

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For many creatives, the backup plan is what you will do when all else fails. Now, that secondary idea that you put on the back burner is starting to get much more of your time and energy, and it’s happening for a reason. It serves as a ready distraction from something you’ve already lost interest in.

Quit when your Work Conflicts with your Personal Values


It doesn’t matter if you are the head of a startup or an employee for a big corporation. A worker at a job they love can make much less than an indifferent CEO and be just as, if not more, happy. If your work stands for something that you don’t, you will lack fulfillment. Monetary gain and status can only carry you so far.

Reevaluate your Vision when you Become “too busy” for it


When you have a new romance in your life, nothing can keep you away from that person. You make time to give the amount of attention that you feel the person deserves. The same applies to business ventures. When you begin to find reasons not to focus on your business, it’s time to part ways.

Understand that Failing and Moving on are two Different Things

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Failure is a combination of settling and wanting to accomplish something but allowing the setbacks to overpower you. It’s losing and letting your dreams pass you by. Moving on is accepting that your time would be better invested in something that truly inspires you to provide a more exceptional service to those who need it.