Help Those Who Help Themselves

Help Those Who Help Themselves

Help Those Who Help Themselves

From our very childhood, we are preached to help the ones in need. One should always be benevolent and kind towards all and work for their interest. In order to stand by the words of our elders, we often extend our aid even if we have to go beyond our limits. But, we have also heard that even Gods help only those people who are ready to help themselves. Hence, in order to understand the motive behind this saying, following factors must be kept in mind:

1. Make Efforts

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It is not always commendable to flow with the feelings and act out of impulse. In order to help people, one must be cognizant of the need of the concerned. The emotion to help someone is amiable. But, one must also encourage people to have willingness towards helping themselves. Will power to sustain oneself without any external assistance must be inculcated within the individual. If the circumstances go beyond one’s capabilities, only then we must head outside. The person who is ready to help must also maintain a balance while extending it so that the needful never turns completely dependent upon him.  

2. Self Sustaining

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Self preservation is a sensibility inherent in every human being. We all know where to stop in order to not hinder our own interest. That is why, it is important to help people only up to a limit, to which it does not harm us. One must strive to sustain on his own in the most unfavorable circumstances. While extending help, we must keep in mind the imperative to let people try all their means of self sustenance and then we should make our first step. This will not only make them stronger, but, will also work for their long term sustenance. 

3. Reality Check

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If we receive anything in life that is unwarranted or has come to us without any hard work, it is always taken as for granted. If we help somebody without any restraints, the aid is presumed to be of less worth. Therefore, the help we provide must be well thought and estimated. One must always be given a chance to stand on his own, rather than reclining on the support of others. Undue favors only lead to disadvantage of the needful in the long run. 

For gaining self worth in one’s own eyes, one must struggle to tackle the unfavorable circumstances on his own. Even the person who is helping must be cautious enough, not to be too much moved by the circumstances of the person, but only to the extent that he is able to provide emotional and moral support to the person to stand up and fight for himself. Real help is not through monetary means but by charging the person with positive energy and optimism to face the obstacles standing in front of him.