A New 10 Minute Ritual to Cleanse your Mind

A New 10 Minute Ritual to Cleanse your Mind

A New 10 Minute Ritual to Cleanse your Mind

All the super-intellectuals are able to achieve many things just because they stay connected to themselves. Yes, this is true. Staying connected to ourselves and mainly to the subconscious mind is as important as staying connected to the world.

But how to do this? Is this a simple skill which everyone can manage? If so, why are there only less percentage of successful and people in the world? You can learn many factors here about how to super charge your brain and the simplest way to cleanse it.

Potential of Subconscious Brain

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Do you know that there are enormous activities going on in our sub conscious brain? Only aspect is we should get sync with it to get answers, thought provoking ideas from it. There are avalanche of things which your brain will think without even your knowledge. Learn the art of meditation and enhance the chances of bringing the potential with in you.

Probe your Brain Thinking

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Try to answer think a lot and you will be astonished to the fact that the world of answers lies within you. Just believe in yourself and ask yourself the possible chances of getting a solution for the problem or the best decision which you need to take. For this, you just have to speak to yourself in seclusion. Ask different questions to yourself as the sub conscious mind spits the answer for you. But the question is when and how to ask?

Spend 10 Minutes in Bed

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Instead of falling into sleep in depression or disappointment or by just browsing all the social media sites, the best strategy for you is to have plenty of brain support is to spend just 10 minutes. Write down what all you are thinking to accomplish in long term or short term or the very next day. Find out the possible plans for the course of action and then sleep. Here without your knowledge, your subconscious mind will work on those possible chances.

First 10 Minutes in Morning

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There might be many things that bother you in the world. But you just have to check with the things that your subconscious brain has traversed. When you can do this, you will be getting ideas or chances to succeed in life with ease. There is no need to struggle and you can just complete even difficult tasks with mettle.

Ways to Cleanse Mind

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However, the things mentioned above are not that easy. You have to master this art by writing what all comes to mind. It is then you can draw fascinating conclusions when you compare the papers which you wrote in the night and then in the morning. For sure, there will be change in your perspective of the problem or concern and you can have a creative approach and achieve all that you have creamed for. So give less importance to smart phone as you go to bed and as well once you wake up.