Things to Remember Before Becoming a Salaried Employee

Things to Remember Before Becoming a Salaried Employee

Things to Remember Before Becoming a Salaried Employee

A salaried employee is a happy employee as you are being paid without counting the number of hours wasted and worked. It is really a big deal when you move up from a non-exempt position to a salaried exempt position as you don’t have to complete a time sheet every week and you can easily rely on your fixed salary to pay for all your expenses.

Being a salaried employee feels like a very grown up and a professional and quite far from the low-level jobs you had as a young person.

Few things that should be kept in mind before agreeing to become a salaried employee as mentioned below:

More Working Hours

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A salaried employee is expected to work more hours in a day than he has to work in actual leaving behind his personal life. As an employee, you cannot say a no to your manager for the work you are asked to do as you become a regular salaried employee.

Regular and Same Amount of Paycheck

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A salaried employee should be happy enough as he gets monthly pay check and of the same amount. So you need not worry about the money for the expenses of the month as you are already aware of your fixed salary and can plan your monthly expenses according to that perfectly.

Uncompensated Working Hours

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More of the extra hours you are asked to work go uncompensated as they are included with the project you are working on it. You have to work for extra number of hours for your work as and when expected by your manager.

Health Care benefits

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A salaried person gets healthcare coverage for himself and his family which is again very beneficial. So, you can take care of your family and yourself without worrying about the money that will be charged in the hospitals in need.

Retirement Plan

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You can easily plan your retirement of your dreams as you get plan from your company after you get retired. Retirement can be planned without tension if you get that from your company as you are a salaried employee there.

Lack of time for Family

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When you become a salaried employee, then you are expected to work for more number of hours to complete the project so you find less of time for your family and friends and more focus on your work.

Being a salaried person has more benefits than to work on part time as you get paid higher and have a fixed monthly salary than to be paid for just the number of hours you work. Undoubtedly, you have to work for more hours and cannot deny as you cannot say ‘no’ to any work while working as a salaried employee. You will need to focus on work first than to give time to your family. But you get many benefits once you are a salaried employee of any company like healthcare benefits and retirement plan to stay tension free for life long. At the end, being a salaried employee is better than a employee who work on hourly basis.