The Negative Side of Being Overly Self-Conscious

The Negative Side of Being Overly Self-Conscious

 The Negative Side of Being Overly Self-Conscious

Many of us believe that self-awareness and self-consciousness are good personality traits, but we often mix-up and exaggerate these two terms, and end up ruining our impression over others! Knowing yourself is essential so that you remain confident in what you are.

If you are aware of the darker sides of your personality, you may be in a position to change, rather improve yourself. However, becoming too much conscious can actually turn out to be a psychological disorder for you. Wondering how? You might take it as not something being worried about, but here we highlight some of its major drawbacks that destroy your personality.

1. You Lose Your Self-Confidence

The first thing to be noticed by others, even before they start noticing anything else, is your confidence. Suppose you are asked to speak up spontaneously in a mob, you can easily do so if you are confident.

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But if you are constantly questioning yourself about your appearance, your way of talking, whether the people will listen to you, you will not be in a position to speak up even after rehearsing many times. Your lack of confidence in such situations becomes evident immediately, regardless of how much you try to hide your consciousness.

2. You Dishonor Yourself

The lack of confidence in you directs you to input all your efforts for pleasing others. Unintentionally, you always try to be in the good books of others.

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For this, you start agreeing unconditionally to what others say, without having any personal opinion of yours. You eventually become so involved in pleasing everyone that you lose the grace of being what you actually were, without noticing that people have started ignoring you, and have been taking you for granted in every matter!

3. You Become Hypersensitive to Others’ Remarks

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Being conscious all the time, you start giving extra notice to each and every comment about yourself. Since you are being extra sensitive, you develop a thinking that everyone is criticizing you. Even if someone points out something about you with a positive intention, you misinterpret it as a criticism. This is all because of your cynical approach due to self-consciousness.

4. You Become a Pessimist


You actually lose your capability to evaluate anything with a positive approach.You end up being adamant to change your negative perspective towards the world. Your pessimism develops to such an extent that you actually lose your belief that things will become better for you.

5. You Distrust Everyone

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As there appears no one to comprehend your issues, you start disbelieving everyone around you. You think that your kith and kin are no more reliable; you stop sharing your problems with them, and ultimately become confined in your own self.

6. You Isolate Yourself


Your insecurities eventually become so much intensified that you literally isolate yourself from all your friends, acquaintances, and well-wishers. This is a seriously alarming situation as there remains nobody else for your counseling, except for yourself.

7. You are Being Misjudged

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The darker side of being so self-conscious is that people don’t understand your perspective at all. To them, your personality appears to be a puzzle which can never be solved. People would think that you should keep aside all your self-created insecurities and move on in your life as a normal person.On their part, they are right,but, this frustrates you even more that you are unable to explain your viewpoint to others.

8. You Become Acrimonious

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With so many issues, such as distrust of others, lack of confidence, being too much worried about yourself, isolation from the rest of the world, the politeness and sweetness of your nature vanishes! You turn out to be an extremely harsh and bitter person, who is always doubtful about everything around him. You actually have no idea how worst your personality has become for others!

9. You Lose All Your Loved Ones

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In the beginning, it was you who decided to isolate yourself from others; later, everyone else leaves you, including those who were very close to you! However, your pessimism never makes you realize that it was you who first chose segregation, and it was your attitude that diverted others. Rather your doubts become more strengthened that no one was ever sincere with you. You become more and more self-centered as a result.

10. The end result – Depression

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The worst consequence of being unnecessarily self-conscious is something you would never have imagined, i.e., depression. This is because you have become so much frustrated by living alone, yet you are so much doubtful about others that you never let anyone counsel you! This depression develops to an extent that you start fearing to face the world!