Role of Magical Thinking in Predicting Negative Effects

Role of Magical Thinking in Predicting Negative Effects

Role of Magical Thinking in Predicting Negative Effects

Magical Thinking refers to a thinking wherein a person believes in some two unrelated events having some form of link. Magical thinking also talks about the actions being a mere reflection of thoughts. So if someone has a goal of being fit, he will have a picture of himself as fit which he will see daily and he’ll attract the right food and right processes to get him fit. This kind of thought has found some truth according to researchers.

Several independent research have been carried out, and the result is that positive thoughts do attract positive outcomes and negative thoughts attract negative ones. However it’s not the same way, it’s more of a subconscious thought. For example, if one knows they have a health insurance, they’ll automatically feel more positive and will be less likely to fall ill. And if one knows they don’t have a car insurance yet, they’re likely to get into some trouble with their car. That’s how subconscious works though.

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The studies and research have shown however that these two effects, which appear to be two sides of the same coin, aren’t actually same. The intensity of the negative subconscious is much stronger than that of a positive subconscious. So the next time you’re considering having something that you should have but don’t have at present, then make sure you have it at the earliest. If you need a protective cover for your new phone in case it falls and gets broken, have it before your magical thinking makes your worst fear come true.

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There have been different independent studies carried out to test out the hypothesis of magical thinking and its effects. One of them was on a group which had health insurances and additional covers. The study approved to the magical thinking hypothesis as those without the cover were more likely to need the insurance than those with cover- who eventually became fitter and healthier.

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Similar studies were carried out in different spheres to confirm the phenomenon, which has also been called as the power of subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is powerful, but you need to be a good master to use it properly. Feed it with positive thoughts and it will help you in achieving your goal. Feed it with the negatives and you can almost predict negative results.

Magical thinking puts one in the mind of someone who can gauge the various risks easily. So as to say a person without a health insurance cover can actually list down all the potential problems he or she may face, and may need some sort of cover but hasn’t got yet. A lot of science and economics is about risk elimination. Therefore, when used properly, magical thinking can help get the various risks involved. Magical thinking is something that works on the subconscious level. Therefore it has immense power, which is more than an alert mind.