Self Conscious

Self Conscious

Self Conscious

Self conscious is something where you feel like an introvert or a mixed feel as if everyone is staring at you for no reason. It can make you feel awkward and lead you to embarrassing situations as well. Overcoming the self-consciousness calls for doing something really important and it helps us to improve the self-esteem too. In order to attain that, we need to stay focused on our strengths.

Overcoming the Psychological Phenomenon by Fighting the Emotions and Controlling Self-Image

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What exactly is the base for complex emotions can be a tedious question to answer? The capacity of a person to evaluate his own behavior by determing his collaboration with individual relationships is the basis for complex emotions. When we face complex emotions, we realize the self consciousness. It is nothing but a healthy part of a human being as it interferes with the quality of life. It creates a lot of impact on individual's life detailing every single action. Increased awareness on even smallest of one’s own actions is often subjected with shyness and embarrassment affecting the self-identity of the people.

Understanding the Psychology of Self-Consciousness

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Pride, shame, guilt and embarrassment are the different situations that can lead to self-consciousness in the people as all these emotions purely depends upon the person’s experience and expectations. It seems more like an energy drainer in becoming restrictive and obsessed with social anxiety.

1. Determine

The first step in self-evaluation includes in determining if a particular event is the result of his or her own action. Putting the blame upon oneself can lead to internal attribution and therefore depending upon the situation one should take it up as an external attribute no matter what happens.

2. Types Explained 

Psychologists put up self-consciousness into two different categories. Private self-consciousness examines one’s own inner feelings or be more introspective. Public self-consciousness is the increased awareness on the self as it is viewed by others too. Although they are relatively stable, there has been no exact coherence in both the terms.

3. Develop Inside

They are largely responsible for developing complexity in human beings leading to social anxiety disorder and continuous feelings of shame and guilty. They even withdraw from the world of relationships feeling more isolated and lonely. Cognitive behavioral therapy can give realistic understanding on how people perceive and react with them.

4. Face the Result

The success or failure of an individual depends upon oneself where some individuals are likely to be stable under the global attributions while depressed individuals lead to negative and varied attribution patterns. Making the person more confused, it can drive them away from the work environment and make even more depressed.

5. Proper Judgment Needed

When an individual judges a person’s actions, shame or guilt occurs disrupting the ongoing behavior and leaving to a painful state. Some personalities perceive their actions to be successful in exaggerating their own accomplishments. In contrast to such personalities, a depressed person will actually be aware of the shame and feel hopeless.

6. Atmosphere Matters A Lot 

Many things affect by how we look at things and the situations around us. Most of these are related to the early environment and the way we grew up. To gain a sense of self-satisfaction, it is advisable to avoid doing things that can make one feel socially shame.

7. Interests in Life

Renewed interest in emotional life can overcome simple and complex issues like anger and sadness that are intimately connected with each other. This difference in intensity is purely attributed to the standard, rule or goal of the situation. However, this function of psychological phenomenon can fade the self-attitude within.

Signs You may have an Anxiety Disorder

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There may be different situations when a person becomes forceful in getting nervous or anxious over any specific issue. This sudden feeling of fear and helplessness can make the person more agitated leading to racing heart, weakness or dizziness, chest pain and stomach pain.

  • Constantly worrying about a particular thing for no reason falls under generalized anxiety disorder which may escalate during the time of stress. Their symptoms gets worsen and threatening when a person passes through adulthood. Panicking about small things and feeling embarrassed for simple tasks is a panic related disorder.
  • Many people are obsessed in doing a repeated action over and over again. This compulsive desire to check for such things establish in childhood itself. Social anxieties like the fear of being judged by others is a warning sign for anxiety as it may disrupt a person’s daily relationships in the life.
  • Intense or irritational fears over the person you loved can actually lead to a fear of things or phobia. While facing fear, there may be an elevated heart rate with a feeling of panic attack and the inability to catch hold of your breath thus leading to heavy shaking in hands.
  • The signs of anxiety are emotional and physical in nature. Emotional symptoms include a person’s related experience to fear. It makes them have a little control over the environment. Physical symptoms include stomach cramps, feeling cold for no reason, sweating and shaking in the body, dizziness and an increased heart rate.
  • Irritational fears may be plagued over affecting the relationships and activities thus disrupting the normal life routine. It is a feeling of sudden danger or catastrophe around the corner with an increased heartbeat. The person constantly thinks that something bad is on the way and thinks he should overcome it.
  • Along with the excessive fear and worry, there will be more of irritability and restlessness in the mind. It can be troublesome to concentrate on studies or work affecting the overall integrity in particular. This intense feeling can make the mind go blank as you watch the signs of danger from inside.
  • A thought of panic attack or a flashback that happened earlier can make you worry too much from withdrawing with the surroundings and feeling aloof. Avoiding situations that remind you of the earlier incidents is one of the anxiety related disorder that has a huge impact in the mind and bodily functions.

How to Stop Feeling Self-Conscious

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The feeling of awkward moment on a group full of strangers can totally make you self-conscious and be an extrovert. In order to overcome self-consciousness on a whole it is important to engage in group conversations by connecting with a wide group of people.

  • The first and foremost step is to boost your confidence by calming down your senses and gaining self-control. This can make you overcome your fears in learning the best methods to gain control over things you wish to do. Diverting the attention to something else can give room for preparing yourself.
  • Practice the tough social challenges in a relaxed state as your body and mind can behave more positively in this way. It is important that you must learn to train your mind or perform self-hypnosis in a different way as they can act variably for the diverse situations that you face.
  • Position yourself among the group of people and introduce to everyone with a formal communication. Feeling alone may detract from the people and so relax yourself in a receptive position by creating an atmosphere to have a conversation. This can ground your energy within and put up your head high.
  • Only a positive action can lead to positive results. Therefore it is important to build the confidence in attending social meetings and gatherings that can lead to an increased network. Try to resonate and meditate on the elements within as they can give a deeper understanding about your self-confidence.
  • Change your self-image and perception on how you think about yourself. Never get into any irritational stuff and be true to yourself on focusing the right things to be done. It is a definite solution as it can change the way on how other people think about you and your image.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your self-worth by focusing on your goals, achievements and progress. Never worry about what other people thinks about you as no one notices your physique or appearance than you actually do. So, recognize for the good things that can happen over the time by avoiding negative issues.
  • Being around negative people can drag you down to the bottom and make even more depressed. Therefore it is important to identify the right definition in your life by choosing the person who can bring in happy moments together. A good circle of friends can relatively overcome any self-conscious related issues.

Self-Conscious Examples and Solutions

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Overcoming shyness and being more confident and charismatic needs a lot of hardwork and effortful conversations with the right people. This can ultimately change the behavioral pattern of the person without feeling awkward or insecure, thus creating a better social setting.

  • When stepping into a party, you may feel self-confident and bold enough in facing the people. But when you pass down the mirror, you get a feeling of a horrifying reflection making you look bore and dull. It is not just the reflection but the deep down negative thoughts from inside. Never try to underestimate yourself as no one is aware about the potentials and beautiness within. You must not get terrified by the neighbors gossip but instead explore what the inner heart says by stopping your mind in analyzing any unwanted issues. This can be a better effort in avoiding embarrassment and creating a fulfilling destiny.
  • If you have any negative thoughts on being overweight or complex with color, convince yourself by bringing up positive statements. It is a reasonable voice as it convinces about your strengths and the necessary changes to be made. No person notices your physical appearances more closely than you do. Therefore it is advisable to concentrate on things that are of less importance without downgrading yourself and reducing your image. Overreacting to any aspect stated by the person can cause excessive tension and disrupt you from the entire world.
  • Self-confidence and self-acceptance are two important things that come up only with proper learning and cultivation. Your greatest strength depends on how well you picturise yourself to other people. Therefore always create a good look and feel in front of others withoutminding what people actually think about you. Comparing with other persons could put you under awkward situations leading to more trouble. Always build up the constructive messages that people deliver instead of picking up the wrong tone. Challenge yourself with the right strategies and place a reward once you have achieved the correct solution.
  • Never indulge in any sort of gossiping or passing comments behind the back of a person. Try to establish a formal communication between the co employees by having a deep talk which can give a chance to realize the dream that you wish to achieve for. It is not the type of dress you wear and the song that you mumble that determines the quality of a person, but the way in which you perceive other’s thoughts and intercepting their action is all that matters. Most of the time, people tend to forget other people’s mistakes and become obsessed with their own.
  • When you are suddenly asked to speak in a large group of audience, an adrenaline rush may occur inside leading to a pounding heartbeat. These feeling of sweating and shaking makes you forget the actual conversation. At such a moment, it is important that you must stay even more focused on what actually you are going to communicate without becoming nervous. Your brain may look worried and nervous by stopping your flow on what you wish to provide. This change in body language can affect your consciousness level to a higher extent creating a stressful social situation.
  • When imagining repeated thoughts process in the mind it can create a channel for building the right opportunity to converse. This could be achieved by reading a lot of help books that can motivate a person or go to your favorite bookshop that can redirect your attention. Whenever you may feel self-conscious concentrate on things that can bring back happiness by distracting the surrounding issues. When you try to become more conscious on your own thoughts, try to shift your focus on what the other person is conveying. Never be a critic or a judge in posting opinions for other people’s mistakes as that can attribute to a lot of insecurities.
  • Positive self-affirmations like I am a good person, I can shine well in the industry, I am doing the best I can are some of the best phrases in bringing up the sole beautiness inside. This will not allow for any unmindful criticism from other people when you have lost happiness. Never be defensive or open enough to accept when you have not done anything wrong. Apologize for the mistakes and go ahead with the work as the shame and shyness are the two brutal enemies that can totally demolish a self-consciousness of the person.

Tips for Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence is an important aspect in every person’s life as they have a greater influence on the behavioral pattern of human. From behavior to body language, building the right confidence in people can create a sound environment and ensure for more successful business strategies.

  • Determine your weakness and strengths by focusing on placing the right things. Techniques like SWOT analysis and skills assessment test could give a right reflection on the recent life. Think about the opportunities and threats that you faced earlier by clearly distinguishing the needed activities to be done in future.
  • Start managing your mind by destroying the negative thoughts which are the hurdles for success. Always remember your past accomplishments no matter how small it may be as they have a greaterinfluence. Improve your life by stopping about the complaints and accept for the realties and the benefits inside.
  • Making positive affirmations by writing self-help book and reading through them regularly could create a reflection on positive basis and improve the situation. It is always advisable to stop focusing on things that can make you feel anxious and nervous, instead concentrate on the future prospects that have to be made.
  • Spend a lot of time and energy in deciding what you actually wanted to do. The desire to achieve what you wish for can always create a challenging environment on the goals and make it even more successful. Thus set for the regular goal lists by taking small steps in accomplishing them.
  • As successful people always have a better perspective in life, try to stay in constant touch with people who can build in a positive feel and energy inside. The challenges and accomplishments from other people’s stories can be a better way for developing your potential in bringing up the confidence.
  • Every human are tend to make mistakes and so while trying to implement any method, learn your mistakes for achieving the goal without making any excuse for giving up. Only a constant effort and hardwork can make you reach the pinnacle of success and attain high glory.
  • Be more confident in making new decisions as you try to learn many new things from such an atmosphere. Never procrastinate your work as nothing is better than today. Therefore start working on your plans by placing the right methods that can bring more confidence and success to the business.

Being Self-conscious is all about how you feel and how you live your life. The thoughts become action is not just a saying, but it is the building tool for creating the self confidence in you. When you cultivate self-esteem in yourself, then you can get through the whole world just at a sight. So, start exhibiting self-confidence and have a happy life!