Few Self Care Tips to Fit into your Tight Schedule

Few Self Care Tips to Fit into your Tight Schedule

Few Self Care Tips to Fit into your Tight Schedule

Do you feel as if you are forgetting to live for yourself in the hustle for earning some dollars? Then take a deep breath and relax. There is still time to bring about a makeover on your day to day schedule. Find some time for taking care of you in the middle of your tight schedule. This would help you to get rid of lots of problems which may arise in the future.

Make Comfortable Work Schedules


Mainly it will help you to recharge or rejuvenate yourself. Positive energy is what you want to live a healthy life. A healthy life doesn't simply mean having a healthy body. It also means having a sound mind.

Let us put our heads together about the ways to keep our body and mind healthy and sound.

How to Keep your Mind Cool?


Do you have the  habit of taking decisions with your brain? Now stop doing that and try to involve your heart as well in your decision- making process. This is an excellent way to have a contended life. Don't let yourself regret later! If somebody has told a good thing about you register it in mind. You can even try noting it down on a paper and create a file.

Whenever you feel stressed, flip through the papers to remind you of the great things you have done and accredited by others. This seems to be a weird idea. But it will give you excellent results when made practical.


Practice yoga at least for 5 minutes. Do it regularly. Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, 5 minutes yoga will help you to avoid frequent hospital visits. It recharges your battery mentally and physically. Why don't you spruce up your wardrobe by throwing away unwanted and old things from it? It will help you to keep things neat and tidy. Five minutes of relaxation extends 50 hours of your life. 

How to Keep your Body Fit?


If you are in the habit of taking a bath for only a few minutes, now try bathing for 20-30 minutes. Just concentrate only on what you are doing. This will help you to relax for a while. Jot down in points what all things make you sad. Try creating a list. Daily sit and read what all you have written in that book. This is an excellent way to put these woes on the back burner. Never think about these things when you are already in Jim-jams. 


Just like the old saying goes sleep a lot. Especially during exam time and work stress period. During these times, you may need an extra sleep. It is a brilliant physical as well as a mental exercise. Cut short your time to work a little. It helps you achieve more. The music is something which soothes our body,mind and soul. So take a break.

Listen to a melodious song for some time. When you take off your mind from something which gives you stress, you will feel relaxed.

To conclude, earning a handsome amount of money after pulling your own plug is dangerous and highly undesirable. Employ useful and effective ways and methods to have an exciting and fulfilling life.