Smart Goals to Help you Finish What you Start

Smart Goals to Help you Finish What you Start

Smart Goals to Help you Finish What you Start

Goals are something which helps you to reach your dreams. They help you to achieve better. Set smart goals which are practically achievable. Strive or work hard to make your dream come true. You might have tried setting goals. But would have failed. Don't get disheartened. Push yourself a little more. You will definitely achieve the desired result.

Have you ever thought what SMART goals mean? It is nothing but specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. This tells us to fix goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. 

Specific Goals


There are two types of goals. They are general goals and specific goals. These general goals help you to explain an end result. But doesn't explain the ways or steps in achieving them. To give a small example, imagine that you want to achieve a profit of about  3,00,000 dollars at the end of this financial year, your general goal is to achieve the above- mentioned figure as profit. But specific goals are the steps to increase the sales of the company per month to achieve that profit at the end of the year. Try to use year planner and performance sheets to review the profits.


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The results should be measurable. In the above case, you should be able to check how many units sold to increase profits. You can also check how many units produced and sold to know the progress made. If you are taking  weight reduction pills then check for the weight you have reduced. Just to know whether the pill is working for you.



You should be intelligent enough to set goals which are achievable. Imagine your company is making a loss. Don't set a goal to achieve 3,00,000  that year. Since it is unattainable. After a setback, the company needs some time to recover. Then it starts earning profits. So fix some figure which is practically possible. Set goals and work with a commitment to achieve it. It will take you to success for sure. Another important thing you should keep in mind is, don't do something for the sake of others. Be honest with yourself.



Another important factor while setting a goal is that you should set a goal which is realistic. Try hard for achieving something which is realistic to attain. Of course, you can set a goal which is challenging. But not impractical or which is not sensible. If your dream is to buy a house and you have just started saving money for that purpose, it is not possible for you to buy that next year. Otherwise,   you should borrow from outside sources. Don't hesitate to seek  help from others.



Set a time limit to achieve your goals. Unless you fix a time you will not achieve it. For example, if you want to buy a new house, tell your mind that you want to buy it at the end of 5 years. This is an excellent way to realize your dreams.

To sum up, smart goals are those factors which help us to achieve a predetermined goal. It is not possible for anyone to achieve great things without goals. So fix brilliant goals to improve yourself.