10 Things to Keep in Mind About your Passive- Aggressive Teenagers

10 Things to Keep in Mind About your Passive- Aggressive Teenagers

10 Things to Keep in Mind About your Passive- Aggressive Teenagers

A passive aggressive child is one who ignores responsibilities like doing homework, daily chores,Etc. They instead of listening to you tend to be silent. They work just the opposite way we want them to behave. It is very difficult for any parent to tackle these children. Whenever you question them, they remain silent or give you nothing more than a scary look.

But time can't wait for them. They have to learn, do their homework. Otherwise,the teacher will rebuke him for something he is capable of but not willing to do.

By passive aggression, the children tend to gain control over their parents. They use this weapon to make you believe that he is not worth of your expectations. He doesn't have the potential to grow up to the targets you have set for him. This is a trick commonly used by children to make their parents work for them.

If you ask them to pick up the scattered books on the ground or bits of paper which have fallen down, they will remain silent until you go and pick them up. What happens ultimately? They win over you. But is there any way to handle this kind of children? Of course, Yes. But what are they? Let us see.

As parents, we are responsible for shaping up our children's personality. We have to help them by applying tricks.

1. Split Up your Child's Task


A good parent can be a good teacher as well. He shrugs his responsibilities just because of the fact that he thinks it is a very big task for him. So try to split up the task or set time limits for doing the task. This way you can create interest in the child for doing a particular job.

2 . Help him to Get Past the First Obstacle


Start doing the job yourself. After that ask your child to continue the work. Add some encouraging words as it helps him to do the job better.

3. Let him Work Undisturbed


When your child is doing his homework turn off the television which distracts him a lot. Go and sit near him or monitor him continuously to check whether he is doing his work.

4. Control Yourself


Before punishing your child remind your mind off the fact that he is going to be more resistant when you reprimand him. Instead of that keep your mind cool and try to have a smiling face at that time.

5. Educate your Child on the Outcome of his Behavior

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Explain to him in a soft voice the after effects of his actions. If he does a particular thing which will hurt him, just make him aware of that. This will help him to understand the situation better.

6. Make him Understand the Results of Inaction

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If your child does not do a particular job which he is supposed to do, tell him what happens as a result of that. Tell him that the teacher will punish him if he does not do his project. 

7. Allure him with Small Rewards

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This is perhaps the best quality required of a parent. Encourage him to complete his tasks by giving gifts. This is an attractive way to change an aggressive child. This will make him obey your orders.


8. Encourage your Child to Discuss the Reason for his Anger


This technique works great for everyone irrespective of age. When people throw out the emotions and things which make them angry, it will help them to lead a better life. Similarly, encourage your child to speak out the cause for anger or aggression.

9. Never Speak any Words that Discourages Him

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Even a small word of discouragement will have serious effects on your child. So be cautious.

10. Praise them even for the Worst Performance

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Imagine that your child has drawn a picture. Even if it is not beautiful, tell him it is an awesome work. This will help him to improve a lot.

These are the things which the parents have to keep in mind while handling a passive- aggressive teenager. Parents are the magicians who can use these tricks to attract children and make them listen to them.