5 Benefits of Being Single

5 Benefits of Being Single

5 Benefits of Being Single

Are you worried about being single? Do you think you are missing out on life? Are you afraid that you will be too old to marry when the time comes?  Why worry! Being single should be one of the most exciting times of your life.

I certainly enjoyed my life as a single person. The most important thing is that I didn’t have to answer to anyone. I came and went whenever I wanted too.  Many times I stayed out until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. Also, while dating, I got to know a series of wonderful and interesting people.

The most successful single people have many reasons to enjoy being non-committed.

Low Cost of Living


Being single can lower your cost of living. Supporting a family can be expensive. You have to worry about many things, including extra food, shelter and clothing.  These factors will be an ongoing concern for the majority of your youth.  For instance, food can be expensive, especially if you like quality. The average family of four pays nearly a thousand dollars a month for food.  Nearly every week you might find yourself walking through the Isles of a grocery store.

Emotional Freedom


If you are single, you never have to think whether or not you are good enough regarding pleasing your spouse. Most married couples have an inadequacy complex. They are always worried whether or not they are doing enough to please the one they love.  But you, as a single person, never have to suffer this type of inadequacy. You can feel confident that you don’t have to feel responsible for anyone.  



The freedom to come and go whenever you please is a blessing. When you are married, you cannot leave home for hours without telling your spouse where you are going. The marriage will be in trouble.

A wife may get very upset when her husband is late from work or stay out too late with friends. But the situation is not one-sided. For instance, if a wife doesn’t come home at the time her husband is expecting her, or if she hangs out too late with her girlfriends, her husband might start to worry about her.

However, you don’t have to worry about time.  As a single person, you can delight in not coming home before 12 o’clock.



One of the most important assets of the single life is time. Single people can give a great deal of their time to significance projects. They can devote their time to improving community service projects, including helping the homeless, making the community safe from drugs and gangs or initiating new and unique projects.

Contributing to the needs of others is a terrific chance to grow and develop character and leadership skills. The more you interact and help others solve their problems the more equip you will be able to lead a good marriage.  Therefore, don’t take your singleness for granted.

A single person can give sufficient time to these projects without worrying about the demands of a married life and all its challenges.

The bottom line is that a good marriage requires that you and your partner spend a great deal of creative time together. Finding new and greater ways to please each other takes time.

Relational Conflict


Single people can avoid a multitude of relational conflicts. Frequent arguments about petty things are the drudgery of many marriages.  Constant complaints include, "Put the toilet seat down!”, “Don’t throw dirty clothes on the floor.” “Get off my clean couch.”  These are the challenges the majority of married couples face day after day.

When I first got married, petty complaints were very nerve wracking to me. Believing in the myth of love happily ever after brought me face to face with reality.  Marriage isn’t a union in which you can automatically relax; a good marriage must be earned daily.

Don’t rush into relationships. The single life is a time when you have time to contribute greatly to other interesting endeavors. While others are bogged down with family matters, you can spend your time doing something unique and interested. The opportunity for marriage will come, eventually. Then it will be up to you to embrace this coveted institution or retain the single lifestyle.