Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials

Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials

Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl commercials have become a civilizing occurrence on their own alongside the game itself. Super bowl advertisements have become iconic. In most of the super bowl ads, the use of personality and superstars has been widespread.

Some of the famous brands including Coca Cola, Go Daddy, and Master Lock have been well known for creating repeated appearance during the super bowl.

1. Chrysler imported from Detroit (2011) - $12.4 Million

chrysler imported from detroit  2011

This is one of the most expensive mini movies to be ever shown during super bowl. The poster featured the rapper Eminem and promoted the restoration of American auto production. It ran for more than two minutes.

2. Bud light up for Whatever 2014 - $12 million

jaguar british villain rendezvous2014

This super bowl commercial was declared as the second most expensive commercial. From helicopters and llamas to Reggie Watts and Arnold Schwarzenegger, this ad was regarded as one of the best of 2014. This 1 minute and 30 second ad was filled with A list celebrities range of different locations and detailed photography.

3. Jaguar British Villain Rendezvous 2014 - $8 Million

jaguar british villain rendezvous 2014

Jaguar, known for its designs and luxury cars, did the same when it comes to advertising there products. They created one of the most expensive super bowl commercial. This short movie ad features Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Huddleston and Mark Strong.

4. Kia’s matrix 2014 - $8 Million

kia’s matrix 2014

This 60 second ad stars Laurence Fishborne reprising his role as Morpheus from “The Matrix”.  Morpheus introduces Kia’s k900 flagship sedan in United States.

5. Microsoft Empowering 2014 - $8 Million

microsoft empowering 2014

6. Coca-cola ”America" is Beautiful - $8 Million

coca cola ”america” is beautiful

7. Taco bell’s viva young 2013 - $7.6 Million

taco bell’s viva young 2013

These ads running for maybe a few minutes have large wasteful expenditures involved in them. They do not necessarily generate sales and the amount goes down the drain. These could instead be used for solving the problem of hunger from the world.