2021 Spring Checklist

2021 Spring Checklist

2021 Spring Checklist

Similar to 2020, 2021 isn’t too different when it comes to spring activities. Your local authorities may still be imposing restrictions forcing you to stay at home or avoid public places. But even with these restrictions, there is no reason for you not to have some fun. Here are seven fun outdoor activities that can be enjoyed with family and friends that you should definitely be adding to your spring checklist: 

1. See the cherry blossoms

Spring is usually associated with the cherry blossom season. So if you’re lucky to have some cherry trees in your area or in an area that is a short bus ride away, then make this trip a priority on your checklist. You also shouldn’t be wasting time since blooms only last for around a week. The last thing you want to is to travel for an hour or two and reach a cherry blossom spot where all of the flowers have now fallen off. 

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Depending on your location, cherry blossoms showcase stunning white and pink flowers around April and May with some locations seeing blooms as early as March. Blooms are also associated with festivals and celebrations. Check with your local government if these celebrations will be happening in your city or country this year. Also, be updated with the cherry blossom watch in your area to catch these trees in their full bloom. 

2. Go hiking or running

Spring is associated with mild and chilly weather. Absent are the freezing temperatures from winter and the scorching heat of summer. With this kind of weather, it’s the perfect time to go hiking in the woods or do some running around in your neighborhood. Get your family and friends to join you as these spring outdoor activities aren’t just helpful in building stamina and endurance but also helpful in building relationships 

While hiking, you can also opt to stay a night or two during camping areas but make sure to bring all the necessary equipment so that you and your companions will be safe throughout the camping trip. As for running, choose a schedule where it’s safe to run or jog in your area and always avoid doing exercises late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.   

3. Relax on the beach

Although many associate summers as the best time to visit the beach, there’s no stopping you from relaxing on the beach during springtime. In fact, visiting the beach during spring isn’t as crowded during the summer, giving you more space to walk around and enjoy the sights of the ocean and the sands without having to bump into people every few minutes.  

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Another reason why spring is the perfect time to visit the beach is the mild weather. The breeze is much cooler making it a more relaxing experience no matter what time you visit during the day. Aside from relaxing in the sands and doing some spring beach camping, you can also do some early morning jog to get your body moving at the start of the day. Just make sure to check with local protocols if there are restrictions when it comes to the number of people being allowed entry into the beach.  

4. Have a picnic

There’s no better spring activity for the entire family than to have a picnic in a public park or even in your own backyard. With the sun shining brightly and not a drop of rain in sight, you can relax in the grass while your kids can roam around the park. Just remember to pack all the things you need beforehand so that you won’t be going back and forth from your home to get them (e.g. picnic basket, blankets, plates, utensils, paper towels, trash bags, sunscreen, hats, chairs, etc.).

When going on a picnic, the fun actually starts when it comes to preparation. For example, cooking and preparing the food can be a fun activity you can do few hours or a day before the picnic trip. Additionally, you can also give tasks to each and every member of the family so that the trip will go as smoothly as planned.    

5. Harvest (and eat) spring fruits and vegetables

Spring is the season where hundreds of fruits and vegetables can be harvested. Some of the most popular ones include asparagus, broccoli, apricots, cherries, beets, carrots, kale, lemons, lettuce, and strawberries. Asparagus and apricots, in particular, are popular harvests in Europe during springtime and are the center of delicious dishes such as pasta and grilled entrees. 

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When it comes to handpicking these spring fruits and vegetables, go to your local farm or search online for some harvesting spots in your area. You can then bring your harvests home and whip some sumptuous dishes for your family and friends. Restaurants are surely serving spring-inspired dishes as well so make sure to drop by.    

6. Plant a spring garden

Why harvest when you can just plant some edible greens from the comfort of your own home. Aside from fruits and vegetables, other garden ideas you can also do is planting flowers which significantly increases the aesthetics of your front yard or backyard. Homeowners usually get some planting during summer but you can always start early and get some gardening done in spring.

Raspberries, strawberries, honeydew, cucumber, beets, broccoli, garlic, potatoes, and onions are some of the items you can plant in your spring botanical garden but you shouldn’t stop there and plant more if you have more space. Just make sure to have your gardening tools ready and make some additional purchases if necessary.    

7. Go on a spring break vacation 

If travel restrictions are lifted, then going on spring break travels should be on the top of your spring checklist. Spring and travel are always two things that have gone well together with millions of people traveling during this time pre-pandemic. Whether it be local or international travel, spring is probably the busiest time for travel only next to winter.  

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Need advice on where to travel for spring break? You should decide first on whether you want to go on a sightseeing or adventure trip. For a sightseeing trip, some of your options include a trip to museums or architectural wonders. For an adventure trip, you can either go to the beach or do some hiking in the mountains. These family spring break activities will surely bring out the fun and excitement but it shouldn’t stop you from doing other activities as well.  

Final thoughts

When it comes to fun and safe spring activities, the items listed above should be enough to keep you occupied for the next two months. Make sure to complete your spring bucket list on time before the scorching heat of summer starts to kick in.