Most Luxurious Watch Brands

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

Most Luxurious Watch Brands

Luxury is a trait of elegance and class. Watches have always been an inventory of choice. Men are not the only one associated with the brand, but women also exhibit the moments of luxury.

Whether, it’s a chronograph, sports, mechanical or water resistant watch, each has its unique style and class. These watches from the top brands are sure going to enhance the beauty of the women.

1. Vacheron Constantin : Price - $700,000

vacheron constantin

Sure, many wouldn’t have heard the name of the brand, but this is one of the oldest watch brands in the world. With a stunning, design, hand wound movement and sapphire case back, Vacheron Constantin will be a style of luxury on Women’s hand.

2. Patek Philippe : Price - $279,995

patek philippe

This is the epitome of a luxurious brand without a second thought. Patek Philippe watches weigh more than a gold bar. Not affordable to many, some of the rare collections even crosses the six figure mark.

3. Audemars Piquet : Price - $66,800

 audemars piquet

This switch watch brand is the definition of innovation and excellence. The brand was known to build watches for companies like Bulgari and Cartier. Since, then they have been in the business to produce some marvels, worthy for a recognition.

4. Brequet : Price - $29,450


Founded in 1775, this brand hold a huge interest in terms of luxurious brands. The company is known to make self-winding watch and tourbillon movement. Marie-Antoinette pocket watch is the most promising example fo the brand.

5. A Lange & Sohne : Price - $14,850

a lange   sohne

6. Jaeger LeCoultre : Price - $10,425

jaeger lecoultre

7. Blancpain : Price - $8,250


8. Girard Perregeaux : Price - $5,200

girard perregeaux

9. Ulysse Nardin : Price - $7,280

ulysse nardin

10. Rolex : Price - $4,141


These watches come in different range and styles, hardly affordable by commoners. However, luxury is a trait that many cannot afford. All the brands hold some intrinsic value in the industry to leave their impression as one of the most luxurious and expensive brands in the world. These watches are going to shine like a gem on the women’s hand.