Most Luxurious Mediterranean Resorts

Most Luxurious Mediterranean Resorts

Most Luxurious Mediterranean Resorts

The land of the Mediterranean brings to mind the long isolated beaches with the white sand, balmy weather, hilltop fishermen’s villages with quaint white-washed cottages. It reminds you of the medieval architectural wonders dotting the coastal towns that are reminiscent of the glory of the ancient Greeks and the Spanish.

Stretching from the Spanish coast of Costa del Sol to the island of Mykonos in Greece these magnificent beaches are abundant in seafood restaurants having a wide range of vintage wines.Here is a list of one of the top most Mediterranean luxury resorts that are most popular yet exclusive.

1. Classical King George Palace – Athens

classical king george palace

This is one of the most luxurious and exclusive beach-side hotels in Athens. The historical King George Palace is opulent and offers an excellent view of the Acropolis from its gourmet restaurant. The rooms are quaint and luxurious with comforts such as plush beds, rich silk curtains, antique furniture and hardwood floors that compliment the overall medieval ambience.

2. Hotel Balcon de Europa – Costa del Sol

hotel balcon de  europa

This four-star luxury hotel enjoys the distinction of being situated at the heart of the tourist centre of Nerja. Situated on the Malaga Coast this luxury beach-side resort offers a number of facilities for its guests such as a roof-top swimming pool, plush restaurant with varied sea-food on demand as well as a luxurious spa for rejuvenating yourself.

3. Hotel Excelsior – Naples

hotel excelsior

One of the most classic and elegant hotels in Naples the Hotel Excelsior dates back more than a hundred years to 1908 and is adorned with open and spacious ambience filled with Italian marble flooring, crystal chandeliers on the ceilings and antique furniture decorating its interior. The hotel offers an excellent view of the majestic Mount Vesuvius, Gulf of Naples and the heritage-rich Castel dell’Ovo castle.

4. Petasos Beach Hotel and Spa – Mykonos

petasos beac resort   spa

Built and designed on the indigenous architectural style of Cycladic architecture prevalent in Mykonos the Petasos Beach Hotel and Spa is popular for its close proximity to the beach that gives you faster access to the beach activities and many more popular restaurants and beach-side seafood eateries.

5. Royal Continental Hotel – Naples

royal continental hotel

6. Claris Hotel – Barcelona

hotel claris barcelona

7. Mare Hotel Savona – Italian Riviera

mare hotel savona

8. Precise Resort El Rompido – Costa de la Luz

precise resort el rompido

9. Mercer Hotel – Barcelona

mercer hotel

10. Anassa – Cyprus

anassa  cyprus

The Mediterranean coast is one of the most sought after destinations for romantic getaways and small family vacations. Be ready to be pampered and indulged in these expensive and luxurious hotels right at the balmy white-sanded coast of the Mediterranean Sea.