Most Luxurious Swiss Watch Brands

Most Luxurious Swiss Watch Brands

Most Luxurious Swiss Watch Brands

A good timepiece is synonym with style, luxury and fashion. And when we talk about anything Swiss, it has to be luxurious. There are many expensive timepieces like Longines, Tissot, Rolex, or Tag, Heuer that will help you spend your easily earned money but in fact true luxury is much more than that. And to choose from the world’s top luxury brands is not easy.

1. Chopard – starts $10,000 onwards

most luxurious swiss watch brands

Founded in 1860 in Geneva by Louis Ulysse Chopard, the family firm is on the top of luxury watches and jewellery list. Both the watch and the movement are manufactured in-house by the company and is highly regarded for quality and design.

2. Patek Phillipe – starts $10,000

patek phillipe

One of the premier chronograph watch makers in Geneva, the company was founded in 1851 by Antoni Patek and Adrien Phillipe. The brand is most preferred having earned the reputation of prestigious and timeless designs.

3. Breguet – starts $8000 onwards


Abraham Louis Breguet founded this company in 1775 and is credited with the invention of the tourbillon, a breakthrough technology in timepiece making. Featuring blue pommel arms and cases made of coin edge guilloche dials are trademarks of this prestigious brand.

4. Jaeger LeCoultre - $7000 onwards


Started in 1833 in Switzerland by Antoine LeCoultre, who developed a system that removed the need to rewind and set watches using keys in early 1900s. The brand is renowned and designs elegant watches to suit every wrist.

5. Blancpain - $6000


6. Chanel - $4000


7. Louis Monet - $4000

louise monet

8. Omega - $3500

omega duty free

9. Moser - $2000


10. Piaget – $1000


A luxury timepiece from the list is a must have in your wish list to feel amazing once in a while. You will never regret investing in a beautifully crafted watch.