Most Luxurious Bathtubs

Most Luxurious Bathtubs

Most Luxurious Bathtubs

Nothing is more luxurious than spending hours in a tub which costs more than a house. An ultra-rich chooses to have bathroom as a center piece to reflect their elite nature. While you have millions to spend, it is just natural to enhance the comfort of life in whatever way possible and why not considering a better way to rejuvenate and doze off with the most luxurious bathtubs.

If you wish to invest on a more expensive bathtub made of hi-tech gadgets and fine materials, listed here are the luxurious bathtubs that you add to lift your elite class.

1. Red diamond bathtub fit

red diamond bathtub fit

Take your bathroom luxury to a new dimension with the impeccable specification of this red diamond bathtub. This opulent bathtub is featured with everything to make your experience of showering luxurious with HD waterproof TV, multicolor lightning and a champagne holder for the perfect romantic evening.

2. La Scala bathtub

la scala bathtub

You will be treated to an ultimate home theatre surrounding as well as an entertainment system in the extravagance of your own whirlpool bath. Housing spacious room for bathing side-by-side, you can pamper in for a long soak and also the luxury motion picture experience that you ever imagine.

3. Luxor hydromassage bathtub

luxor hydromassage bathtub

Enjoy soaking in the ultimate in massage, whirlpool bathtub housing plenty of space for two to get the adjustable air massage as well as the massage jets. Fluorescent underwater light, adjustable water jets, inbuilt shampoo and super bass connection greatly improve bath pleasures.

4. Bazen bathtub

bazen bathtub

Bazen bathtub is loaded with high-end multimedia functions incorporating a shiny elegant appearance. Featuring LCD display, TV tuner and FM radio along with digital thermostat, this luxurious bathtub is to set you back with ultra-high convenience.

5. Jacuzzi hot tub with inbuilt iPod docking station

jacuzzi hot tub with inbuilt ipod docking station

6. Energy balance cocoon

energy balance cocoon

7. Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub

jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub

8. Luxurious bath tubs with TV

luxurious bath tubs with plasma tv

With such a variety of extraordinary bathtubs that keep you entertained constantly as you drench, you would no more want to be sitting just there relaxing a serene, quiet, mini sea of elegance, only with your thoughts.