Most Luxurious Yacht Brands

Most Luxurious Yacht Brands

Most Luxurious Yacht Brands

Human desires have no end and so does luxury. One of the luxury items to possess is the Yacht. Yacht is a boat or ship that is used for recreational purposes apart from traveling through water.

Being very expensive, the ownership of these luxurious yachts goes to richest people. But building them is also an art and not everyone can specialize in it. With facilities like bar, dining room, private cabins, lounges, spa; these yachts are like floating hotels.

1. Feadship - Netherlands

feadship   netherlands

Feadship stands for First Export Association for Dutch Shipbuilders, is a world leader in building and designing ships and yachts for its customers who wants everything custom made for them. The company is based in Netherlands and is making motor yachts since 1949.

2. Blohm & Voss - Germany

blohm  voss   germany

This German based company was founded in 1877 and is building yachts and ships since then, impressing its customers with innovative designs. They are most known for naval vessels apart from superyachts.

3. Amels - Holland

amels   holland

This name became popular in 1980s and has launched 30 custom yachts since then. If you are looking for a custom yacht in less time, this is the place to contact in Vlissingen, Holland.

4. Lurssen - Germany

lrssen yacht green launching

Building ships, motor boats and yachts since 1875, the company has mastered the art. Based in Germany, Lurssen had recently built the most complex, largest and fastest yacht for Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi.

5. Heesen – 1978 - Netherlands


6. Perini Navi – 1983 – Italy

 perini navi  1983  italy

7. Trinity Yachts – 1995 - US


8. Christensen – 1982 - US


9. Oceanco – 1990 - Netherlands

oceanco 47

10. Benetti – 1873 - Italy

benetti yachts

With so many options, dwell in the lap of luxury and sail your way through life in these Yachts leaving the world behind.