Top 10 Qualities of a Good Team Leader

Top 10 Qualities of a Good Team Leader

Top 10 Qualities of a Good Team Leader

A team leader play key role in an organization. A good leader should have some fundamental characteristics along with some specialties. He or she should be honest and works with integrity. In many ways the role of a good team leader is important. Here you can see some important leadership skills of a team leader.

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1) Communication

A good leader is a good communicator. If you want to become a good leader, your communication skills need to be developed a lot. Unless a leader can communicate with his team well, the information cannot be transmitted and here it why importance of becoming communicative is paramount!

2) Organization

A good team leader is an organized person. He/she always works in an organized manner. If you just look around you to some good leaders working in different organization, you can find all of them are organized and goal oriented. 

3) Confidence

Unless a leader is confident he cannot transmit the confidence to his fellow workers. This is a key thing. To accomplish a certain work a leader must need to be a confident person. The more confident a leader is, the more the chance of an organization to improve.

4) Respectful

If you are a leader of a certain group of people in an organization, you ought to be respectful to all. If you think you don’t need to show respect to the juniors, than that would be a wrong. To extract out the best from the fellow workers, a team leader need to be respectful to all. Take it as seriously as you can.

5) Fair

Always try to act fair as a leader. If you don’t work as fair some other might become disheartened. Remember your fairness have impacts of your fellow team members. While providing recognition to somebody else for his work, try to act as fair as you can! Never think what you are doing is not understandable to others. There are many smart members in a team who can judge you work easily. Your fair-play can encourage others to do good job, as they know you would be recognized too if they do good work.

6) Integrity

Integrity is something above honestly. A leader should be honest and work with ethics. Integrity should be the key of his working. If you work with this integrity, you can gain enough trust of your team members. Thus all your member will get boast to work more and in effective manner. But if they find you are a person having limited integrity in your working, it would definitely start having negative impact of the output of your team and thus over the organizational overall achievement. So try to keep you focus on this issue!

7) Influential

A leader needs to be influential. During the ups and downs of the team members, whatever that is in their professional life or personal, a good leader can give them courage all the times. So while working in an organization as a team leader, you should try to determine how influential you are. If you find any lacking, do some research and develop this skill. Try to have your influence over your team members.

8) Delegation

While delegating works to your fellow members, act as a neutral person. Delete works to individual taking consideration of someone’s ability. If you impose something what someone don’t want to do, that would not bring anything good for your team and for the organization. So you need to take these delegating tasks as important too.

9) Facilitator

A good team leader is a good facilitator too. In the process of facilitating, you will help your team members to understand their jobs and their duties and responsibilities. It is entirely your duty to make them understand different goals and milestones. So try to put your best to become a good facilitator.

10) Negotiation

Negotiation skills are one of the prior necessities to become successful as a leader. While working in a particular organization many times you need to negotiate with others. You might require negotiating with your team members, or with any other parties. In some cases third parties might get involved and you have to handle those scenario smartly so all other team members can get something to learn from you.

Apart from all those skills, there are some other things. Say as a good team leader needs to be well communicative with his boss. Leadership doesn’t mean only instructing and guiding juniors, but in some cases it requires to work with seniors and peoples those are higher positioned. This article can help understand a leader where he is currently standing. It might happen a particular leader has many good sides, but unless ensuring all the listed features, becoming successful would be challenging.