Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

The year 2019 has been a ruinous one in terms of millions of migrants, who fled their respective countries in the sole hope of a better living conditions and a safe future – the least a human needs to live a dignified life. Being uprooted from their ancestral land and leaving behind everything they had once owned, migrants have walked hundreds and thousands of miles crossing multiple countries.

The migrants risk their lives to take dangerous trips to cross seas, knowing well they might never make it to the other end of their journey safe. Apart from their lives, they even end up paying human traffickers all their savings. Many of them succumb to the arduous journey and many get killed because of unwanted wars in the region. Those, who make it to the other end, with the help of various angels, are full of gratitude.

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

On the 25th of December 2019, while the world was busy celebrating Christmas with their loved ones, beautiful angels of this cruel world were busy saving lives of 200 migrants off the coast of Spain, who were travelling on a makeshift boats. A day later, another 100 migrants were rescued. Half of them were found stranded off the Costa Blanca coast in Spain. Among them were women, children and men.

A man was found floating on an inflatable toy boat in the Motril area. The man’s friend was believed to have drowned during their ordeal. It is really stupefying to see how the poor migrants take risks to cross the dangerous sea. These migrants travel all over the area to reach the coast of Spain in whatever means they can manage or find. One must really be grateful to all the beautiful angels, who have dedicated their lives to save these people.

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

An estimated 1,250 migrants consisting of men, women and children have lost their lives in 2019 during their attempts to cross the sea and reach Europe. The world can never even imagine what make these poor migrants to leave everything and fled from their motherland. The world leaders should be ashamed for the ordeal of their citizens, who are being crushed because of income inequality, dictatorship, super high inflation, wars and State killings.


In this special feature, pays tribute to all the beautiful angels, who have come forward to face the wrath of evil politicians while saving the precious human lives at sea. It is the few beautiful angels, who make this world a better place to live in.

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

These bravehearts have successfully inspired various individuals to come forward and join their never-ending efforts to save lives.

CAROLA RACKETE – Captain of Sea Watch 3

Remember Carola Rackete, who rescued 53 migrants on the 12th of June 2019 off the coast of Libya and her arrest by the Italian Police? Sea Watch 3’s Captain Carola Rackete rescued 53 migrants drifting on an inflatable raft in the Mediterranean Sea and was arrested at Port Lampedusa after a two-week stand-off with the Italian Police at sea. Carola was hailed as the ‘HERO’ for her courageous act.

The then far right-wing Interior Minister Matteo Salvini accused Carola Rackete for committing an act of terror, because she had rammed a police boat to sink it. Her boat was banned from docking. Ultimately, Carola Rackete won and Sea Watch 3 was permitted to dock and the rescued migrants received medical assistance and a new home in Europe for her courageous act and empathy.

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

The 31-year German Captain of the charity boat Sea Watch 3 – Carola Rackete is a nautical graduate and studied Environmental Sciences in the United Kingdom. She is an explorer and has been a part of expeditions for research organizations and Greenpeace. She joined the non-governmental association Sea Watch and took an active part in rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea.  


The Frenchman has a PhD in Mathematics and decided one fine day to save lives in sea. He joined SAR – Search and Rescue team in search of fulfillment. In an interview, he had revealed, “I realized there was something missing in my life in terms of fulfillment. Onboard, there is no place for fear and emotions. Maybe a little bit of stress afterwards. But when you put your gear on, that's it. You're ready to go and save lives. I didn't want to change the world but just wanted to make it spin a little better and help people at the same time.”

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

As part of SAR team, Jeremie and others are onboard Ocean Viking and their only mission is to keep searching and save as many migrants as much possible. Ocean Viking is run jointly by SOS Mediterranean and Doctors without Borders. They operate in the Central Mediterranean to save distressed migrants. Ocean Viking has rescued more than 1,000 migrants and act as one of the beautiful angels saving precious human lives.


The Argentine Medic strongly believes that saving precious lives at sea is the need of the hour. Juan has been touched greatly by various emotional stories, which migrants had shared during their ordeal. In spite of hardships being at sea,

Juan believes rescuing, supporting and treating the migrants with dignity as humans is their sole aim and mission in life. 


The Italian man has been in sea since many years. He understands well, how difficult and dangerous it must be for the migrants, who put their lives in danger to make their journey in rough and dangerous sea. Tomoko, as one of the SAR team members, feels obligated morally to save lives of migrants as another human being.

MATTHIJS – Deck Leader

The Belgian is a passionate seafarer. He understands well how dangerous it is to travel in sea with his maritime background. He is the Deck Leader and has used his rich experience to save lives at sea.

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

Being a sailor, Matthijs doesn’t wish to see migrants dying at sea. In an interview, he had stated, “It gives me a really good feeling to connect with those we rescue, knowing that we literally pulled them from the sea.”

TANGUY – Deputy SAR Coordinator

The Frenchman has served the French Army for 6 years in a Rescue Unit. Tanguy also works as a volunteer firefighter. Saving lives has been in his DNA. Tanguy strongly believes that as a human, rescuer and seaman – it is his duty to save lives at all costs. He is angry and very vocal about how the politicians have labeled rescuers like him as political activists.

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

He revealed in an interview, “When I was a firefighter or rescue soldier, nobody questioned my mandate. Nobody cares a damn! Now, the fact that I am still saving lives is questioned and even criminalized.” It pisses Tanguy a lot. However, the noble soul believes he is a rescuer by nature and will keep saving precious life come what may.


The Nigerian medic has been saving migrants at sea, because he wanted to be part of this amazing life-saving operation in the Mediterranean Sea. Istifanus is very passionate about saving lives as a professional medic. He knows well how difficult it is to save a life. Hailing from Nigeria, Istifanus understands how migrants face challenges in life during hard times to flee from their motherland.

Istifanus had stated in an interview, “For me, being at sea is one of the most challenging environments but then you have to put yourself in the rescued people's shoes. People are fleeing Libya, people are dying at sea. Some are trapped in the middle, either awaiting rescue or dying.”


The Frenchman has been an avid rescuer from his early childhood. He had been inspired watching his firefighter uncle saving lives from fire. He always wanted to save lives from his growing up years. Theo, a man filled with great empathy feels painful to watch migrants leave their homes. He had been talking to his friends and relatives, because Theo was very worried about the situation of the migrants.    

Angels of Migrants – Year end Special

He realized that people were just talking and doing nothing. So he took on himself to embark on the rescue mission. In an interview, Theo revealed, “I decided to engage myself in something very pure and good. This is something huge! It's like a war at sea. It's scary and unbelievable! Sometimes I'm afraid and sad. But, saving lives gives us the strength and motivation to do what we are doing.”


There are a very few beautiful angels in the world, who have made it possible to save precious lives in the Mediterranean Sea. They have dedicated their lives to save poor migrants by putting their lives in danger. Beautiful angels like the above-mentioned have inspired many others, who have come forward to join them in their rescue mission.

These beautiful angels make this world a better place to live in. How we wish, the politicians would wake up from their deep slumber to stop their greed and authority to save more lives around the globe. The year 2019 has come to its end, we at wish our esteemed readers a blessed 2020!