Things to Explore When You are Bored

Things to Explore When You are Bored

Things to Explore When You are Bored

Each of us is bombarded with over 20,000 decisions that we make each and every day of our lives. If you find yourself “sorting your life away”, STOP the insanity. But how can you do that using you uniqueness and experience?

Use the power of “3”. Now, what is that? We already are well acquainted with the number 3 in our day to day lives. Yes, no, maybe. Red, yellow, green. Small, medium, large. Ready, set, go. “OK, on 3”. I am sure you have some of your own, but the idea is that most of us can handle three options when it’s time to do something.

Now let’s apply this to our well-being. Think of your typical day. Do you set aside a regular time each day to let your mind expand and invigorate your disposition? Are you feeding your Soul on a regular basis?

Let me get you started with the power of three. Geography, Food, and Music.



Journey to Self Discovery

This is an amazing topic to explore seriously. I don’t know about you, but I am seriously geographically challenged. But it doesn’t have to be that way now that we have access to Google Earth. Type in your home address where you grew up and see how far you are from that place. Use the street view (if available) and see if the house looks the same.

Now fly over to the Grand Canyon or explore the deepest trenches you can find off the coast of Japan. Check out the Swiss Alps or find out if Sweden is larger than Norway. Believe me; you will be saving your travel spots before you know it. Also planning future trips is awesome doing this.



Healthy Food For Life

This is an easy one. The secret here is to reflect on the foods you like best. So let’s stroll down memory lane and sit down at your grandmother’s Sunday dinner table. Now close your eyes, and remember that delicious smell! It’s telling you that you were really hungry and that something delicious was about to enter your mouth!

Now, what was that food you were smelling? Have you had it lately? No? Well go to the web and look up a recipe or better yet, call a family member if they have it. And get cooking!

Another idea is to pick soups, meats, vegetables or desserts. What have you NOT had lately? Well, hit the web and find something delicious and prepare it for you and someone you love who will forgive you if it does not come out perfect the first time!



Reasons to Listen to Music

Rock, Jazz, Classical, Movie, Blue Grass, Country, World? What about choral, instrumental, electronic, percussion? You will not believe how many styles of music there are at your fingertips. What you may not fully appreciate is that all this incredible variety of music is very new in geological time. Bach was born in 1685. Haydn was born in 1732. Brahms was born in 1833.

John Williams (Star Wars) was born in 1932. And John Lennon (The Beatles) was born in 1940. Time for you to expand your mind, log onto You Tube, and listen to something you have heard about but have not listened to, and you may be surprised to find out that it’s amazing!

So get off the couch. Treat your mind to an experience that will feed your soul and recharge your disposition. Make three choices today (of 20,000+) and make them productive and rewarding!