6 New Ways of Succession Planning

6 New Ways of Succession Planning

6 New Ways of Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying the deserving people in the organization with the potentiality to fill up the higher position. Succession planning helps to save money in the recruitment process, and it enhances the employee engagement and morale.Through succession planning, an organization tries to recruit and develop an employee to fill the key role with the organization.

Succession planning is a challenging job for an organization. There are many ways which can help in succession planning. Some of them are given below:

1. We need to Measure the Three Cs of Fitness

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We need to measure the employees for the succession planning based on three Cs of fitness such as competence, connection, and culture. It is necessary to know whether the employee is having strong business skills or not, can they connect easily with other people and with how much passion they can model the organization culture. If an employee doesn’t have these 3 Cs for fitness, the succession planning may not be fruitful for the organization. The employee should be competent enough to take the responsibility of the higher position.

2. The Organization can Implement the Tools for Development

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If an organization wants to for succession planning, they can implement the tools for the development of the employee so that they can cope up with the requisite skill. The tools for development can be job rotation, formal coaching, and formal learning. An employee might have talents which can be developed through proper training. 

This will not only help to boost the employee morale but will also help to have a competent employee to fill the higher position. The development can be done through on the job training or from formal training process. The job rotation can be done to check the competency of the employees.

3. The Organization Needs to Involve Talent in the Planning


While going for the succession planning, it is necessary that the candidates should be interviewed periodically so that organization can understand what the candidate would choose as their next job and what they feel that they learned most from the past job. 

The employees’ wishes and what kind of job they want to do should also need to be considered. Their skills and capability need to be monitored periodically to understand whether they will be able to handle the higher position or not.

4. We Need to Cast a Wider Net in a Bigger Ocean


It is necessary to select more potential candidates and see how each develops. Depending on the business changes keeping the potentiality of each one in mind, there is a need for any one of several possible slots. If we have a limited number of candidates then might be we will not be able to get the best person to fit the higher position through the succession planning. Hence, it is suggested that for the success of succession planning there is a need for a large number of candidates.

5. The organization Needs to focus on the future

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The organization needs to understand while doing the succession planning the talent that we need today will not be same in five years. Hence, the organization needs to focus on the future and need to develop with requisite skills to their employees. 

The business is changing in the fast pace and coping up with the changed the employees should be competent enough.

5. Need to Create a Talent pool

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The organization should make a group of high performing employees who can be groomed to take greater responsibilities. The pool should be created so that the best right candidates can be selected for the higher positions.

Succession planning is very good for an organization if the proper strategy of succession planning is done.