50 Silly Things to do When you're Bored

50 Silly Things to do When you're Bored

50 Silly Things to do When you're Bored

Boredom is something that creeps up in one’s life without any notice or any warnings. Boredom happens to come around in one’s life when you either are not interested in the work you are doing or the aura around isn’t appealing to you much. There are many things to kill time but not all are exciting and worth trying.

This is why we bring to you the 50 most interesting as well as silly tips to carry put while you are under the spell of boredom.

1. One perfect way to time travel. Sleep.

bored 1

2. Go to your window and shout out the first thing that pops in your mind.

bored 2

3. Go for a walk with your dog.

bored 3

4. Send to all your friends backward messages and tally it who takes the least time to recognize it.

bored 4

5. Watch your favorite childhood movie.

bored 5

6. You can go to your siblings and annoy them with silly, annoying rhyming songs that you make up in your head.

bored 6

7. You can pick up your notepad and tally the number of characters you killed in the game of Mario Cart Balloon Battle. Play it, because it is worth time pass.

bored 7

8. Make up weird words that rhymes with the music of a song and sing at the top of your voice.

bored 8

9. Go outside and carry out a conversation with a totally random person.

bored 9

10. Those magnets on your fridge? Rearrange them and make any shape like robots or flower or anything that you can think of.

bored 10

11. Go to the kitchen and try your hands on a drink of many flavors and ask your friends to try it.

bored 11

12. Go to a local store and ask all sorts of dumb questions, like ‘what is the color of the blueberries’ or ’ cost of a single breath’ or anything weird, until you realize that this is the time for you to run!

bored 12

13. Take your siblings, give them a dare and lock them in your closet. It is mean, but as much fun.

bored 13

14. Pick up a tie and an object, arrange them and go for window fishing.

bored 14

15. Do some craft for your room.

bored 15

16. Make some cards for your friends.

bored 16

17. Read a book that is different from the genre you read.

book 17

18. Draw a horribly bad drawing of someone and gift it to them in a perfectly wrapped case.

bored 18

19. Go and watch TV. And If nothing of your choice is on TV, shout out things like “I like you, but not anymore” and things like that.

bored 19

20. Go and hide yourself in a closet or  corner of the house and make calls  on your house phone and keep doing it until someone picks up the call and then hang up them.

bored 20

21. Draw symbols for new countries or  new city in the book.

bored 21

22. Talk to an imaginary friend Bob. And before you talk to him, make an imaginary friend.

bored 22

23. Go to Walmart or Walgreens, and ask them if they have colored walls.

bored 23

24. Go to a public place and talk to empty spaces as if you ‘see things’.

bored 24

25. Make up your own words and send it to the dictionary companies.

bored 25

26. Make a story where you are the king, name the country and the cities and design anything and everything you need.

bored  26

27. Make your theme song and enter and re-enter the room and with each entry play the theme song.

bored 27

28. Try to figure out the time you were born.

bored 28

29. Go for shopping.

bored 29

30. If you have no money, go for window shopping.

bored 30

31. Create a bucket list and check it as you cross it.

bored 31

32. Pick up an argument over the world, ending with a total or whacked out a stranger.

bored 32

33. Stop a cab in urgency and as soon as you enter the cab, shout in an excited voice, “follow that car”.

bored 33

34. Try to get deep inside your mind. Well, chances are you will fall asleep.

bored 34

35. Try to find Narnia by opening all the closets.

bored 35

36. Do doodling on the windows using window drawing markers and make them colorful and unique.

bored 36

37. Try to make up your own language.

bored 37

38.Go for an eating contest with your sibling.

bored 38

39. Write a poem. And if you don’t know how to write it, write anything that you want to.

bored 39

40. Find someone who is trying to do the homework and trust them.

bored 40

41. Make up scenarios in your head about someone and friends with.

bored 41

42. Whenever someone passes by you, gasp at him.

bored 42

43. Write short stories on notepad.

bored 43

44. Run into the lawns or nearby woods and say anything that you can think of.

bored 44

45. Use rubber bands and try to hit them at objects randomly.

bored 45

46. Go to a local shopping center and ask if they have frogs for sale.

bored 46

47. Make up a complicated math problem and try to solve it.

bored 47

48. Get into an argument with someone on oreos.

date 18


49. Spell all the world’s longest word backwards.

brand 1

50. Put and lock an irritating song onto your phone and irritate your cousins with it.

bored 50

So, why to sit and wonder, when you have a list of things to do with which you can not only kill time, but weirdly and true, it shall spread that line of happiness across your cheeks.