50 Cool Things to Do On a Long Drive

50 Cool Things to Do On a Long Drive

50 Cool Things to Do On a Long Drive

Are you fond of long drives? Everyone is! These days it has become a passion for everyone to go for long rides to de-stress themselves. However, as much fun as long rides can be, it can also just become as boring.

To make your trip exciting, these few tips will do wonders to make it memorable. 

  • Play the poking game
  • Make videos and pictures unknowingly
  • Text your friends and other people

drive 26

  • Stare at people making them uncomfortable out of the window of your car
  • Play sweet and sour if the people respond to your wave then they are sweet otherwise sour
  • Sing songs latest or old as per choice guessing the name of the singer, composer, film etc.
  • Guessing what other person is thinking
  • Guessing the song by just hearing the music as it starts
  • Make a guide yourself without a WI -fi
  • Admire nature and different species of birds, trees etc.

drive 41

  • Stretch your leg at a subway and have a bite interacting with people around you
  • Read books if interested in reading
  • Make videos to recall your journey
  • Discuss your favorite things and the things you hate
  • Naming word from the last alphabet
  • Naming the tune

drive 13

  • Singing song from the last alphabet of the previous song
  • Playing cards or jumble words
  • Name of countries or cities from the last alphabet
  • Listening radio
  • Recollecting past jovial incidences of life
  • Making faces
  • Imitating family members or friends

drive 18

  • Composing your own songs
  • Experiencing snacks and food in different food joints on the way
  • Playing games on mobile
  • Discussion on politics, fashion, children etc.
  • Telling jokes good and bad ones
  • Children can recite poems or tables
  • Trying out tongue twister words
  • Guessing of songs by seeing actions
  • Completing sentences from the first two words given
  • Cross questioning regarding any topic

drive 11

  • Skip words in the sentences and tell the other to fill up the blanks
  • Spelling game by telling spelling of difficult words
  • Singing songs collectively or individually guessing each other’s favorite song

drive 9

  • Counting the colors of the cars passed by or counting cars which you have overtaken or the ones who overtook yours.
  • Reading books or jokes aloud from the tape
  • Write mystery words with fingers on the back of the person and tell him to guess
  • Building a story with a given line

drive 8