Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

The title seems contrary or may create a confusing state of mind. Real happiness is within you; just a few steps are required to achieve the same. By losing those traits which create problems and stress you may find the real happiness.

Here is a list of five tips to lose yourself in order to find yourself.

Break False Images

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We are trapped in numerous kinds of images which are created by others. Our complete life and labor spend to prove these so called images; is mere illusion. In reality, we are much different in comparison of those dummy images. 

Generally, society creates a kind of picture of every person. This icon depends on the family background, social and economic status and many other traits. We try to chase and practices that created an image throughout our life. But the basic problem is actual reality is much different as we are not exactly similar to that societal image. In reality our choices, interests, and dreams are different. So forget those false images and listen to your heart and soul. 

Be Honest with Yourself


No one knows you better than yourself, as we are aware of our strengths and faults both. Stop lying to you at least be true, and have the courage to accept your mistakes and admire your qualities. By being true you may celebrate a kind of real happiness which is factual in nature. 

Be Free of Negativity

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Our lives are chained with expectations, wishes, guilt and grudges. Be free and unlock all locks to discover a free spirit within you. Be it workplace or home, we are burdened with different roles and responsibilities. But try to release you by all these and enjoy the aura of freedom.

Manage Materialistic Mind

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We try to project our self with the latest costume, accessories makeup and every possible manner to look beautiful. There is no harm in it, but have you ever present your real self to others. A human being generally judged by the kind of ornaments and attire, but we don’t try to peep into it. The actual look is the look of the soul; a person; his nature and attitude. So uplift yourself, as a human being first.

Recognize Real Happiness


We find happiness and goodness here and there. But the fact is it is within us. We go to several places to enjoy and celebrate, but find real comfort at home only. In the same manner, we acquire modern facilities to get pleasure and comfort but feel real satisfaction in the lap of nature only. This time, lose those false modes of calm and bliss and recognize the real one. 

Hopefully, these points will help you to discover the real you.