7 Differences Between Being Happy and Being Comfortable

7 Differences Between Being Happy and Being Comfortable

7 Differences Between Being Happy and Being Comfortable

Some people confuse happiness with comfort. They both are entirely different feelings. The simplest way you can understand the difference is by realizing that comfort is a part of happiness. Comfort is when you are feeling extremely peaceful and on the other hand, happiness is a wider term which cannot be expressed in form of mere words. Happiness is the most beautiful feeling ever

Below are 7 differences between being happy and being comfortable

1. Happiness Makes You Feel Excited; Being Comfortable is a Normal Feeling

happiness makesyou excited

When you are in comfort, you do not feel excited over something; you just feel normal and relaxed. When you are happy, very little thing makes you feel excited and full of enthusiasm.

2. Happiness Grows Eternally; Being Comfortable is Stagnant

happiness grows eternally

Happiness has no limit; it can grow endlessly. The feeling of being comfortable is limited. You can feel comfort at a certain level.

3. Happiness is Better than Just Being Comfortable

happiness betterthan comfortable

If you compare the feeling of being comfortable and the feeling of being happy, everyone knows happiness wins. Happiness includes being comfortable within it.

4. Happiness Brings Smile to the Face; Comfort won’t Make You Smile

happiness brings smile

When you are happy, you small and laugh a lot but in case of being comfortable, this does not happen. Comfort is a feeling where you are extremely relaxed.

5. Happiness is a Feeling from the Depth of Your Heart; Comfort is Everything Outside

happiness is from depth of heart

Comfort is something which you feel from outside. When you are at some place or situation, you feel comfort. Happiness is the feeling which comes from the deepest corner of your heart.

6. Happiness will Make You Sing and Dance; Comfort will Make You Sleep

happiness makes you sing and dance

If we compare the activities which these two reflect, you will observe that when you feel happiness, you start to get excited and express it by singing, dancing or other such activities. When you are feeling comfortable, you usually get lazy and sleep.

7. Happiness will Encourage You to Make Your Dreams Come True; Comfort will Tell You to Stay as You are

happiness make your dream come true

Comfort will express the feeling of wanting to stay in the current position and not changing it as it is the best feeling at the current moment. Happiness will give you hope to make you dreams come true by working harder each minute of your life.

There are numerous differences between comfort and happiness. There are people who think that if they are comfortable in any situation, they are happy. But this is an utterly wrong opinion. You should understand the extreme differences between the two. The above differences clarify every misunderstanding. You should always keep these differences in your mind while feeling them.